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What Is The BOSU Ball?

The BOSU ball is a fitness training device that was created by David Weck in 2000. It is constructed from a semi-spherical rubber pod which is attached to a solid platform and resembles a stability ball that has been chopped in half. The term BOSU stands for “both sides up” and refers to the way in which a BOSU ball can be used either dome side up or platform side up. In this article I will be taking a detailed look at the BOSU ball and discussing the main benefits of using this fitness training device.

How Can You Use The BOSU Ball?

As mentioned above, the BOSU ball can be used dome side up or platform side up. Dome side up is more stable and secure as the bottom of the device does not move. If you are just getting started with the BOSU ball then I recommend you use it dome side up as this will allow you to get a feel for it without losing your balance.

Once you become more familiar with the BOSU ball you can then flip it over and try it platform side up. Platform side up is less stable as the dome side is on the floor and rolls around but it is more challenging and leads to better improvements in balance and core stability.

When it comes to actual BOSU exercises there are plenty of options. The BOSU ball can be used to perform many traditional cardiovascular and strength training exercises. It can also be used to improve your flexibility and to perform sports drills. Just ask an instructor at your gym about what exercises you can perform on the BOSU ball or have a quick search on the Internet for BOSU exercises and you will be able to see exactly what is possible.

What Are The Benefits Of Training With The BOSU Ball?

There are many benefits to training with a BOSU ball and I have highlighted the key benefits in the list below:

 1) Balance:- Since exercising on a BOSU ball is less stable than exercising on a flat surface, you have to constantly steady yourself as you exercise and over time this improves your balance.

2) Core Strength:- When you exercise on a BOSU ball your core muscles are constantly engaged as your body stabilises itself on the unsteady surface which leads to improved core strength.

3) Calories Burned:- Since exercising on a BOSU ball brings your core muscles into play, it makes performing the exercises more difficult and as a result it model-bosu-ball_galburns more calories.



I hope this article has helped you learn about the BOSU ball and the benefits of BOSU ball training. Whether you want to improve your balance, improve your core strength or simply increase the amount of calories you burn whilst you exercise, the BOSU is definitely a fitness training device worth considering. Try a few traditional exercises such as curls, lunges or squats

on the BOSU ball next time you hit the gym and s

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What Is The BOSU Ball?

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