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Warming Up With The BOSU Ball

Warming up is an important part of any workout. It allows your muscles to gently ease into the workout ahead and reduces your chances of injury. If you warm up with a BOSU ball you can also improve your balance and core strength as you prepare for the workout ahead. In this article I discuss some of the best ways to warm up with the BOSU Ball.

BOSU Ball Cardio Warm Ups

 Cardio is a great way to get your blood pumping, increase the temperature of your body and warm your muscles up. At first glance the BOSU ball might not seem best suited to cardio. However, if you get a little creative, there are plenty of cardio warm ups that you can perform on the BOSU ball. In the list below I highlight my top three:

1) Step Ups:- This simple but effective warm up involves stepping on the BOSU ball and then stepping off again. Do it slowly to begin and then once you find your balance increase the speed until you are warmed up.

 2) Jogging:- Jogging is another simple warm up that can be performed on the BOSU ball. Start off jogging slowly on the ball and then gradually increase the intensity until you are fully warmed up.

3) Jumping Jacks:- To perform jumping jacks on the BOSU ball simply start bouncing on the ball and then throw your arms and legs out to the side whilst you are in the air.

BOSU Ball Strength Training Warm Ups

Strength training warm ups are an excellent way to prepare your major muscles for a weight lifting session. The two BOSU ball warm up exercises listed below allow you to warm up all the major muscles in your upper and lower body:

1) Push Up:- To perform push ups on the BOSU ball place your hands on the ball and make sure they are parallel to your chest. Straighten your legs behind you, slowly bend your elbows until your nose touches the BOSU ball and then return to your starting position.

2) Squat:- To perform a squat on the BOSU ball stand up straight on the ball with your feet facing forward. Slowly bend your knees and lower your body down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Then straighten your knees and return to your starting position.

 BOSU Ball Stretching Warm Ups

 Stretching is a fantastic way to make your muscles supple and increase your range of motion before you start your main workout. The list below explains how you can use the BOSU ball to stretch your back, legs and upper body:

 1) Bridge:- To perform a bridge on the BOSU ball lie flat on your back with the ball at your feet. Keep your arms by your side, bend your legs and place your feet on the BOSU ball. Push up with your legs and curl your back so it looks like a bridge then hold the position for one minute.

2) Hamstring Stretch:- To perform a hamstring stretch on the BOSU ball sit on the ball with your legs stretched out in front of you. Lean forward as far as you can and keep your legs straight. Once you are as far forward as you can go hold the stretch for one minute.

 3) Shoulder Stretch:- To perform a shoulder stretch on the BOSU ball stand on the ball and stretch one arm across your chest horizontally. Hook this arm around the elbow with your other arm, pull it towards your chest and hold for one minute. After one minute repeat this stretch with the other arm.PlankPushup



These BOSU ball warm ups should help you get ready for any workout whilst also improving your balance and core strength. So next time you hit the gym don’t warm up on the bike or the treadmill. Grab a BOSU ball and give these exercises a try instead.

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Warming Up With The BOSU Ball

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