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    Testimonial Picture of DEEJ (2)

    This is hands down the BEST fitness program & (Gym) I have ever been part of . I have been to countless commercial gyms and worked with their personal trainers and never gotten the results I really wanted. Until I met Brian and Suzy The owners of VIP fitness . Not only are the staff AMAZING trainers they are All Fantastic people ! Caring and Educated in their craft . They have given me a totally different understanding of exercise and diet which has helped me achieve my “personal best” !

    Not only am I physically stronger and loving the way I look and feel but I am also much more educated about food choices , I realized through VIP how many food & exercise “myths” I had fallen victim to all these years .

    WARNING !!!! You WILL get results here & you Will likely be addicted to the classes !! smile emoticon So be prepared for change and to look and feel better than EVER !!!!!