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If you’ve ever seen an Orlando cryotherapy clinic or a gym that offers cryotherapy and wondered exactly what it was, you’ll be surprised to find out that it has therapeutic uses, including post-workout relief. There are many types of cryotherapy, some are more focused on specific areas. However, one of the most popular is a cyrotank or cryochamber. It works similar to putting on ice packs or soaking in a tub of ice water, but far quicker and far less painfully. The liquid nitrogen cools the tank to as low as -200 degrees or lower.

Those low temperatures send blood to your core.

Just like exposure to cold weather, the blood vessels constrict when exposed to cold. That helps reduce the flow of blood. When done on a large scale, it aids with pain reduction, swelling and inflammation. Once out of the cryochamber, the blood quickly returns back to normal flow, bringing with it endorphins and pain relief. The process is similar to icing, as noted previously, but completed in a few minutes, rather than hours in a tub of ice.

Cryotherapy helps reduce the pain of a tough workout, which is why athletes do it.

Cryochambers are becoming more and more popular with professional athletes. Some even have their own cryochamber to help athletes after a game. It originated in Japan in the 1970s by a rheumatologist to help relieve pain. It is being used by medical professionals to help relieve the pain of fibromyalgia, arthritis, injuries and ankylosing spondylitis. It’s also being used by trainers to help relieve the pain after a hard workout and minor injuries.

Cryotherapy can reduce inflammation and also help with depression.

You need inflammation to help your immune system fight infection. However, sometimes it can cause problems if there’s too much. Not only is chronic inflammation linked to diabetes, cancer, depression, arthritis and heart disease, it’s also linked to dementia, Alzheimer’s and depression. Besides reducing inflammation after the session, it boosts the creation of happy hormones in the body, such as endorphins.

Cryotherapy is also used to reduce the severity and occurrence of migraine headaches. While a study showed it did not completely remove pain, it helped alleviate it.

Cryotherapy is also considered useful for weight loss. This has never been proven, but the increased cold is said to boost metabolism. Some believe it’s the reduction of pain keeps people stick with their exercise program for weight loss.

One study showed that cryotherapy or using a cryochamber can help skin conditions, such as eczema. Even though the group no longer took medication, those who took treatments saw improvements in their skin.

Using a cryochamber has many other benefits still not validated by medical science. Before you commit to a session, always seek the advice of your medical professional.

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