We offer the highest quality service

We are experienced, certified coaches, looking to give our expertise to help people in achieving a healthier lifestyle.
We know that personal training has become a luxury and most people cannot afford it. On the other hand, you don’t want to go to those cheaper alternatives like CrossFit, orange theory or spin classes and just destroy yourself for one hour with no periodization or logical programming, and end up with so many people in one class that nobody pays attention to you.

This is the reason why our classes are designed in such a way that you get all the benefits of personal training and group training. Our classes have a ratio of 1:6 coach per person max. We offer both Strength and conditioning classes that our coaches and yourself will talk about and see what YOU need, to reach YOUR goal.

Of course, we do not do cookie cutter fits all programs. Here at BioFit, we dedicate a lot of our time and follow scientific-based research to create every session the best workouts depending on what level we coach’s think you belong to. That is why our training can provide for both beginners and advanced trainee. Our philosophy, here at BioFit Performance consists of not just training but also aspects that will allow you to live healthier, feel better, move better and recover faster.

Our system is based on seven pillars: Release, Warm-up, Mobility/Correctives, Reactive (power), Strength, Conditioning, and finally Recovery. Each of these components is part of our programming.

One-one session Personal Training Sessions

Private training with one of our coaches, this type is very personal and will allow you to get a custom-made program to reach your goals.

Semi-Private Training

Semi-private training, consist of both group and personal training perks. The ratio of coach per clients is 1:6 which makes it fun to be in a group environment while keeping it small enough to have some quality time with your trainer.


Need to prep for an event, competition or combine? Talk to one of our Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist to see what is the best approach for you or your team.


This consist of a consultation with our nutritionist that will guide you through nutrition and create a plan easy to follow for you to reach those goals.

Recovery System

(compression boots, theragun, rocktape…)

Recovery is crucial and a lot of the time not paid enough attention. We put our body through so much stress during the week whether it is at work or in the gym. For this reason, Biofit offers recovery systems such as compression boots, theragun, and rocktape to help you recover faster and feel better.

Infra-red Sauna

Research shows infra-red sauna to be highly superior to the traditional sauna. Using infra-red and near-infrared light produce heat but also penetrate muscle tissue this allows ATP production which then rejuvenates the cells in our bodies and triggers many beneficial effects.

Stretch Therapy

Stretch therapy sessions are 30 minutes sessions of stretching. Whether you are tight, in pain or poor posture stretching is a tool that is often undervalued but can aid in the recovery or healing process.


Can’t train with us in Florida? That’s ok; we offer online training with customized programming and nutrition.

Massage therapy

Our massage therapist will help you recover faster or simply relax through different massage techniques.

Contrast bath Therapy

A great recovery tool, backed by research contrast bath therapy is a must if you want to rejuvenate your body. Going from hot to cold water increases blood flow to the muscle tissue which in turn reduces inflammation.


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