Oviedo, FL Cryotherapy Has Lots Of Benefits

Most people that follow sports have heard of cryotherapy. It’s one of the latest therapeutic methods for athletes to work out the aches and pains after a game and has replaced long hours of soaking in ice baths. Movie stars also use cryotherapy to help their skin and turn back the clock for beauty. Cryotherapy also has other benefits and you don’t have to be an athlete or a movie star to enjoy them if you live in Oviedo, FL. There’s a locally owned and operated facility there.

What is cryotherapy?

You’ve probably heard of ice baths for muscle tears and aches or at least an ice pack. Cryotherapy is that and so much more. First, it’s far faster than an ice bath and far more effective than an ice pack. It’s a booth that encases the body, leaving the head outside it, where the temperature drops to below -160 degrees Fahrenheit. You stay just a few minutes, but it provides the same benefits as soaking in an ice bath for hours.

You’ll get relief from pain and heal faster with cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy boosts circulation by triggering a message to the brain that the body needs to adjust before it freezes. That message constricts surface blood vessels and sends the blood deep to the core to keep it warm. As it goes to the core, it’s cleansed and filled with oxygen and nutrients. After the session ends it immediately returns to areas like joints, skin and muscle tissue. That increases circulation, aiding healing and relieving pain.

Cryotherapy can help in other ways.

While it was originally discovered and proved effective for rheumatoid arthritis, and is now used by athletes for pain, there’s so many other uses. For instance, when it increases circulation, it helps the body in other ways, like making your skin look great and aiding in weight loss. Studies show that while cryotherapy isn’t a replacement for eating healthy and exercising, it can help you burn calories. Just one session burns tons of calories and even boosts your metabolism.

  • While many benefits of cryotherapy aren’t studied, most people feel energized after a session. It may be the increased circulation that helps or the boost of endorphins that improve your mood, both of which are proven.
  • Increasing circulation and reducing inflammation has benefits for all parts of the body, even the brain. There are preliminary studies showing cryotherapy may have a positive effect.
  • There’s a reason that people often find their hair and skin look better after several sessions. Cryotherapy stimulates the body to create collagen, an important element in both that also increases the skin’s elasticity and strength.
  • Cryotherapy tanks encourage the body’s natural production of pain relief, so you’re simply boosting your body’s own abilities, which is far better than taking potentially addictive drugs or drugs with side effects.

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Oviedo, FL Cryotherapy Has Lots Of Benefits