Success Stories

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    I wasn’t happy with the way I looked, it impacted my personal and professional life, so I decided that it was time to do something about it. Kevin helped me so much; I lost 28lbs in 3 months, I felt great again full of energy, and my mood has changed for the better. I can play tennis again without my elbow bothering me, but most importantly I feel great in my body again. I look better and I feel better than I ever have and it’s GREAT!

    Testimonial Picture of Mike (1)
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    As a veteran, I was always into working out and keeping in shape, but life caught up with me. I got so busy with work and family to the point where I didn’t recognize myself anymore. I was tired all the time and had no idea how to get rid of the extras pounds. Once I got in touch with Kevin things were smooth, really cool guy, he knows how to push you right to reach those goals. He explains in great details every single exercise so you can understand the science behind it. Overall, it was a great experience I lost 36lbs in 3 months and packed on a lot of muscles, couldn’t be happier.

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    Testimonial Picture of Melanie (2)

    I was never excited about exercise, but I knew that I had to do something. I had a sedentary lifestyle, sitting at a desk all day and no knowledge of nutrition. So once I started training with Kevin, the exercises were hard the first week but he knows how to encourage and motivate me. I actually have developed an appreciation for a good workout. We also figured out a way to get me to stick to a better diet. I was scared that I would have to starve myself or eat salad all day but not at all, I had to write down my food in a diary at first, but once we figured out what worked, it was easy. I am developing some muscle definition (who knew I had muscles?) and my abdominal muscles are stronger and flatter than I think they have ever been!
    I have no idea how much weight I lost, because Kevin always say’s don’t look at the scale! But I think the picture speaks for itself.