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Body Boot Camp’s objective is to help you reach your goals and our mission is to do it better than anyone else. We understand that fitness goals are hard to achieve by yourself, but when you come to McKinney Fitness Boot Camp, you are never alone. We employ only the best personal trainers that lead group fitness sessions to help individuals lose weight in a fun, active, safe, and high-energy workout program.With hundreds of Fit Body Boot Camps worldwide, our “2020 vision” motives us to do everything we can to help others on their weight loss and fitness journey. This vision? To encourage at least 20 percent of the world’s population find healthy lifestyle choices by the year 2020, and encourage individuals to lead a happier, more active life.

As an industry-leading fitness brand, we understand that we not only have a great responsibility to uphold through our vision, but we also want to stay true to our clients on a local level, providing the community we live in with a fitness center that truly makes a difference.

As with every single aspect of health and fitness, there are absolutely no miracles. If this was the case, everyone you know would be healthy and fit. In my case, being a busy mom with early morning responsibilities and evening plans, finding time to exercise can sometimes feel like a struggle.

As a teenager living in New York City, I was always actively rollerblading and participating in sports. Fast-forward 20+ years later: after a house, husband, three kids, and a dog, my body had stopped responding to all things it used to. No longer was I able to stay up all night, consume fast-food all day, and still manage to fit into my skinny jeans!

After going through numerous disappointments, sweat, tears, and even acts of desperation, I finally began to realize that fitness is not about being a size 2, consistently choosing the perfect meal, or being in the gym for hours at a time. Moreover, it’s not about feeling guilty, deprived, or comparing yourself with others.

Fitness is a lifestyle choice. It’s about finding balance to moderate the wonderful roller coaster we call life. Once I was able to accept and love all of my perfect imperfections and stopped worrying about what others were doing, so I could focus on my own improvements, I was able to embark on a more fulfilling journey that complements the way I feel inside. To be honest, every day I awake to a constant battle, but instead of feeling depressed about the situation, I embrace it because it helps me to remain humble and in touch with those walking the same journey as I. Going through these challenges is what makes us human, overcoming them is what makes us extraordinary.

As a personal trainer, I get out of my shell all the time. I am always looking for the fastest, shortest, healthiest, and smartest way to shed those stubborn pounds and keeping them off. When you hear the words “boot camp,” most people get intimidated due to the association this term has to the military training process. When it comes to the fitness programs at Fit Body Boot Camp, that couldn’t be further from what you’ll experience with us. Our Unstoppable Fitness Formula consists of state of the art, scientifically proven, short-bursts fitness routines and always evolving healthy eating plans that guarantee results.

At McKinney Fit Body Boot Camp, our mission is to help you meet and surpass all your health and fitness expectations. We want to help you dig deeper, to accomplish the things you thought of as impossible, and to achieve those goals you silently gave up on. We want to be your fitness partner, your support, your friend, your confidant – the ones you think of calling in the middle of your struggle or to share some amazing life-changing news. If you allow us, we will walk with you side by side during your health and fitness journey. At the end of the day, when you look up at the sunshine and reminisce about the time you decided to live a life with no limits and no fears, you will proudly look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate all the steps you have taken to regain control of your life by turning into a healthier, happier, and fitter version of yourself!

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