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If you want the best possible New Hope weight loss program, make sure it’s one that uses more than just dieting. Make sure it includes exercising as part of the program. One way to make certain this happens is to use the services of a personal trainer that also provides nutritional help with the exercise program. Trainers take a unique whole body approach to shedding pounds. Not only is an approach that gets faster results, it’s one that helps take weight off and keeps it from returning. If you’ve ever lost weight only to quickly regain it, you’ll appreciate that.

Trainers first learn all about you.

Not only does the trainer learn about your present habits, he or she learns your goals, special needs and overall fitness. Special needs might be dietary, such as food allergies, or physical limitations, like back problems that might require modifying the workout. The trainer assesses all levels of fitness; strength, endurance, flexibility and balance to create a program unique to each person’s needs. Not only that, the trainer adjusts the workout as the fitness level improves to reflect that improvement.

The nutritional program isn’t a diet, but lessons in how to eat healthier.

One reason many weight loss programs don’t work is that they are diets and diets don’t work. Diets leave you hungry, make you feel deprived and they always end. Then you go back to old eating habits that put on weight in the first place. Instead of a diet, the trainer teaches you how to eat healthier, making substitutions, such as eating brown rice instead of white for fewer calories and more nutrition. You’ll often eat more than you used to, but will consume fewer calories. The focus will be on eating more whole foods rather than processed ones.

The combination of exercise and a healthy diet burns off fat fast!

A healthy diet lowers the caloric intake, while exercising raises the output. That’s a double whammy on fat. Not only that, when you add exercising to the program, it builds muscle tissue, making you look thinner, but also serving one other important function. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does so you’ll be boosting your metabolism and burning more calories 24/7.

– When exercising is part of your weight loss program, it boosts your energy level. You’ll be more active burning additional calories and taking off weight quicker.

– Working with a personal trainer holds you accountable. You’re more apt to stick with the program since somebody knows when you miss your time at the gym.

– You’ll sleep better at night when you workout. A good night’s sleep helps you avoid sugary treats for boosting energy levels.

– Exercise burns off the hormone created by stress that can cause overeating and may even put on abdominal fat.

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