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If you want to start a fitness program, why not give an Allen boot camp a try. Boot camps are run by personal trainers, so you know the program will be good, but did you know it will be personalized, too? Just like private sessions with a trainer, each participant will have his or her own program. Before the group begins, the trainer learns each person’s goals, special needs and identifies their overall fitness levels.

There’s more than one type of fitness.

Trainers assess each person to identify their strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Each of these four types of fitness are important. Strength training not only builds muscle tissue to help prevent injury, it’s also important to burning fat quickly. Endurance training, also known as cardio, keeps you going and provides heart health. Flexibility training improves range of motion and can reduce the potential of injury from strained muscles. Balance training is important for preventing accidents. Trainers address them all.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a boot camp that provides nutritional information.

Trainers know that dieting doesn’t work. It leaves you feeling deprived and when it ends, whether in success or failure, you go back to eating the way that put on the weight in the first place. Instead, trainers arm you with information on how to choose foods more wisely. It may be as simple as having a healthy snack ready for mid-morning or as intricate as learning how to cook healthier. One thing is certain, you’ll be eating more whole foods and fewer processed foods that provide empty calories.

You’ll get a tough workout, but one that’s still safely within your capability.

You’ll work hard and it will work you toward your maximum potential. It won’t take long before you start feeling comfortable doing the workout. That’s when the trainer increases the level of difficulty to match your new fitness level. That’s a step that most people fail to do when they workout on their own.

– Everyone will look like they’re doing the same exercise, but they’ll be doing different number of repetitions, different intensity and sometimes using a different form.

– You get the benefit of a personal trainer but at a fraction of the cost of private sessions. That’s everyone shares the cost of the trainer’s time, so it’s less per person.

– Boot camps can be a lot of fun. Everyone works hard and knows how tough it can be. You’ll often words of encouragement and excitement when someone reaches a tough goal.

– If you’re lucky enough to find a boot camp that offers nutritional advice, you’ll be getting into shape and fighting fat two ways, so it will happen faster.

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