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No matter who you are, there’s always a bit of procrastination when you’re starting something new. Unless you’re the opposite type of person who jumps in with both feet and then finds yourself in a sea of trouble. A McKinney boot camp is great for both types of people if that project is getting back into shape or shedding pounds. That’s because boot camps are a unique blend of knowledge and help from a personal trainer and the consistency to keep you going.

People often put off starting because they don’t know how to begin a program of fitness.

Here’s where the trainer’s knowledge shines. Not only does he or she know the best exercises and nutritional regimens to use for fitness, the trainer also has the knowledge to identify each person’s fitness level and blend that with the person’s goals and any special needs. Special needs might be physical limitations, such as a bad back, which would require modifying the form of an exercise. Each person at the camp gets a personalized program created by the trainer.

You may all workout together, but will be doing different things.

While everyone might be doing pushups, each person in the group will have different goals based on the form, number of repetitions and intensity of the workout. Some who are out of shape may be doing bent knee pushups and gradually work up to the traditional form as their fitness level improves. No matter how fit, each person’s goals will be tough and work them toward their maximum potential.

The boot camp can be a lot of fun.

You might not enjoy working out alone, but you’ll be amazed at how much fun a boot camp can be. It’s not like working out at the gym, where you might see a friendly face occasionally. You workout with the same people each session and get to know them as friends. Everyone knows how hard it is to reach their own goals and have empathy for one another. That’s why you often see people cheering each other on or doing high-fives when everyone reaches their goals.

Trainers vary the workout. By varying the workout, you’ll always stay more focused and be less prone to boredom. It also prevents your body from becoming too efficient at a movement, which burns fewer calories and causes plateauing.

Trainers not only show you how to do each exercise, they also watch to insure you do it right. That prevents injury and boosts the benefits of the workout.

You’ll have the services of a personal trainer, but at a far less expensive price than private sessions. Everyone shares the cost of the trainer’s time so it’s less per person.

Boot camps provide guidance and loads of routines you can use at home after the camp ends. Most people sign up for another boot camp, however.

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