Why You Should Never Stop Working Out

People are amazing and continuously prove to me that you should never stop working out. I’m constantly hearing stories of people that modern medicine said would never get better, only to have that person prove them wrong. Most of the time, the right type of eating and regular exercising did the trick. I know of one woman whom doctors said would never walk again. She was close to 80 and hospitalized when this occurred. Her husband passed while she was hospitalized, too. When they sent her home, she asked if they could move her deceased husband’s exercise bicycle next to her bed. Little by little she dragged herself onto the bike and finally pedaled. Each time it was easier and each time she pedaled longer. Three months later she was walking with the aid of a cane. It’s pretty amazing to see what the body can do when you’re motivated and help it out with exercise.

Is your life a major disaster, you’re crazy busy or are you dealing with stress?

You may think that going to bed and sleeping helps you escape the depression you face, but it’s the worse thing for it. Exercise not only helps lift your spirits, it builds strength and endurance, making you healthier so you can deal with the stresses of life. It burns off the hormones from stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel good. Exercise actually boosts your energy level and helps you think better, so when you’re crazy busy, you’ll get more done if you stick with your workouts and make it part of your schedule.

Health conditions or pregnancy may make you think you need to take it easy, but science may say something different.

Of course, if your doctor tells you to stay off your feet, don’t run to the gym, but follow his directions. In most cases, however, doctors feel exercising is important. It makes delivery easier if you’re pregnant…just make sure you follow a routine that’s made for pregnant women. It helps reduce the problems of heart disease, improve healing, boosts your immune system, balance your sugar levels and lower your bad cholesterol. You even look better due to improved circulation. The chances of stroke are reduced, osteoporosis, cancer and arthritis.

Regular exercise slows aging.

Yup, it’s true. Not only does it slow aging, it turns back the clock. Exercise helps lengthen the telomeres. They do the job that aglets do. Aglets are those plastic things on the end of shoelaces that prevent the shoelace from unraveling, telomers act in the same manner, only they protect the chromosomes from damage. When chromosomes are damaged, it causes aging and illness, which eventually leads to death.

Exercise can provide social interaction which is important for good health.

You’ll sleep better at night when you exercise regularly. A good night’s sleep is good for your cognitive processes and heart healthy.

Exercise helps keep your weight down. Obesity is the leading cause of preventable death, surpassing even smoking.

Exercising regularly boosts your self-confidence. It improves your posture giving you presence. People treat confident people with more respect.

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Why You Should Never Stop Working Out