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It is frustrating to pay for programs and memberships that don’t give you the results you deserve. After training with the equipment at Inpower Fitness, you’ll understand the difference the right equipment and regimen makes!

We’ve been training all fitness levels for over 20 years in North Sydney. We’ve put together a scientifically proven, up-to-date system that evolves with the latest cutting-edge research. Most importantly, anyone can use it successfully from experienced athletes to complete beginners!



Inpower Training Precision

We start you off with a muscle and structural balance test to identify your body’s current strengths and weaknesses.

That means, we can create a training program just for you that gets you results faster.

Inpower Nutrition Strength

To burn fat and fuel your new physique, your body needs to have the right fuel. At Inpower Fitness, we educate you on the right things to eat. Our nutrition is based on the latest research, not gym folklore or fads.

Inpower Mindset Results

To get the results you want, you’ve got to change the way you think about yourself and fitness. We’re here to coach you into a new mindset, too. So, you can look better with more confidence.


Are you ready to see real results?

There are no shortcuts here – just cutting-edge fitness, sweat, and education.

But I promise you, when you follow your training plan, you’ll become stronger, burn fat, and gain lean muscle. We guarantee you’ll have the body of your dreams with more confidence.

Our programs start with what WORKS, and they’re designed exclusively for you!





Start Training With Us Today

• Train in the privacy of our space
• Customized, individual assessment and metabolic analytics
• Eliminate plateaus and maximize efficiency
• Personalized nutrition to burn fat and fuel your new physique

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Start Training With Us Today

• Small class sizes of no more than 5 people
• Similar results to personal training without the cost
• Personalized nutrition to burn fat and fuel your new physique

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  • “Troy is always challanging and experienced so well. He provides his clients best training according to their ability and motivation. I have training with him for 5 years and gained physical confidence. I like it keep it up.”

    Makiko F / Posted On Facebook

    Makiko F
  • “I joined Inpower Fitness as I was looking for an alternative to the big gyms; where I could get fit in a friendly, non intimidating environment, and at the same time be positively pushed towards my goals. I was not disappointed with Inpower and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for smaller more personalised classes. Troy is especially proficient in adapting routines around any injuries you may have, and attentive to your strengths and weaknesses. I have made genuine gains since joining Inpower, which I would not have achieved without Troy.”

    Michael C / Posted On Google Reviews

    Michael C
  • “I joined Inpower Fitness over a year ago and have never regretted that decision! The classes are a great size and more importantly Troy is an excellent trainer. He is always coming up with new workouts and is great about keeping your individual level and injuries in mind. Troy is also very dedicated to the constant improvement of his services and utilises research to guide his training. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone regardless of their current fitness level or personal goals.”

    Leslie H / Posted On Facebook

    Leslie H
  • “Troy is great! Super knowledgeable and personalizes the exercises for everyone. I have learned so many new exercises and techniques in a non intimidating environment and seeing the results after having been with Troy for just a couple of months! Highly, highly recommend :)”

    Isabelle G / Posted On Facebook

    Isabelle G
  • “Troy is very knowledgeable, really knows his stuff. The groups are small, with very friendly atmosphere. Troy designs individual training plans for everyone. Uses every trick in the book to make you work hard and then even harder after that. I would highly recommend Troy to anyone from a novice to an experienced gym goer.”

    Inna K / Posted On Google Reviews

    Inna K
  • “A great community at Inpower Fitness. Troy is an extremely well educated, professional and trusted trainer who always puts his clients needs first. No class is ever the same and no matter how challenging the workout is, you will always walk away with a smile and feeling great!”

    Kristen H / Posted On Facebook

    Kristen H

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