Mosman Personal Training Shows You How To Make Smart Lifestyle Changes

If you want to get fit, it’s time to seek out a Mosman personal training specialist. Two of the most important things you can do for your health and fitness are changing your diet and adding a program of regular exercise. It’s said that just one minute of exercise can add seven minutes of a healthy life. That’s huge. The same is true of eating healthy. That makes sense. In order to build healthy cells, you need the right materials and also antioxidants to protect the existing cells.

Find a personal trainer that can help you in all areas of fitness.

If you don’t eat healthy and exist on junk food and highly processed food, you’ll be consuming a lot of extra empty calories. That does two things to your body. The first, of course, is robbed it of the nutrition it needs and the second is to add calories that make you fat. It’s no wonder the leading cause of death in developed countries has become obesity. What’s sad is when you find out that many obese people are also malnourished. Not all personal trainers offer help in both areas.

You need regular exercise to boost energy and have a healthy body, down to the cellular level.

Did you know that each cell has a protector? It’s called a telomere and functions much like aglets, those plastic tips on the end of shoelaces that prevent the laces from unraveling. They are extra cells at the end of chromosomes to protect them from deterioration or damage. The older you get, the shorter they get until the chromosomes are damaged. Exercise actually helps lengthen the telomeres, to provide more protection and slow aging of the cells. It also boosts circulation bringing nutrients and oxygen to all cells of the body.

What you drink makes a difference, too.

If you’re constantly drinking a Coke or other cola, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Soft drinks are nothing more than sugar and additives in water. They have an impact on your overall health, teeth and blood sugar level. Even diet colas are unhealthy. Studies show that people who drank diet cola ended up with a bigger waistline than those who didn’t. A bigger waistline means more visceral fat, the most unhealthy type of fat.

  • Staying hydrated is important and the best form of hydration is simply drinking water. Water makes up a vast majority of the body. Even mild dehydration can affect both the body and mental functioning.
  • Personal trainers also focus on the right mental attitude. Sticking with any program takes mental grit, so does doing more and working harder. You have to believe you can do something and keep trying.
  • If you’re lucky enough to find a personal trainer that works with both your exercise and nutritional program, you’ll get results faster and find that once you lose weight, you never have to worry about regaining it again.
  • Not all people are the same, which is why dietitians and personal trainers who focus on diet take the same care in making each program personalized.

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Mosman Personal Training Shows You How To Make Smart Lifestyle Changes