Learn Healthy Eating Habits From A Dietitian In Chatswood

You hear a lot about working out to get fitter and it’s true, it’s necessary for improved health. However, another lifestyle change is also important, eating healthier. No matter how hard you workout, if you have a bad diet, you won’t get the results you want. As the old saying goes, “You are what you eat.” Eating healthier means consuming a wide variety of whole foods, foods that are less processed. A dietitian in Chatswood can help you.

When you eat healthy, you aren’t dieting.

There’s a huge difference between dieting and eating healthy. A dietitian shows you how to make small changes and choose your food more wisely. It may be as simple as opting for whole grain bread over processed bread or brown rice instead of white. While the calorie savings is small, the nutritional benefits are great. Eating healthy can include taking an apple for a snack or having nuts available, instead of getting food from the candy machine at work or grabbing a donut.

Dieting doesn’t work.

When you diet, you’re restricted to certain foods, making it hard to maintain if you aren’t at your home all day. Eating healthy simply offers choices and substitutions, like a grilled chicken breast instead of a breaded and fried one. You plan for those times when you know you’ll be hungry, rather than starve yourself until your next meal. Unlike a diet, eating healthy never ends. You change your eating habits permanently.

You can still eat some of your favorite foods, just not as often and keeping portion control in mind.

There’s no “falling off” a healthy eating plan. You simply avoid some foods, like sugary treats and fried food, but there are always those times when a Nemish tart or a sausage sizzle are in order. That doesn’t mean you eat them all the time or go beyond one serving. It’s okay to indulge occasionally, as long as most of your food is healthy and nutritious. However, once you start eating healthy, you’ll be surprised at how much your taste buds change. Often people find that those sugar treats of yesterday simply taste too sweet for their new palate.

  • You’ll feel better and even have a better disposition when you eat healthier. Healthy eating stabilizes your blood sugar, so you don’t have dramatic spikes and valleys. Elimination of sugar can help lower the risk of depression.
  • Eating healthy includes beverages. Soft drinks contain additives, including the sugar free type of cola. It’s been shown that diet soft drinks add inches to the waist. The high sugar content of most soft drinks can add pounds without providing any nutrition.
  • Water if far superior to other drinks, including fruit juice. You are far better off eating the fruit than drinking the juice. Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to keep hydrated.
  • If you’re lucky enough to find a trainer who provides both nutrition and exercise expertise, you’ll make progress much faster than using either one alone.

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