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There’s a lot of reasons to use a personal trainer in North Sydney. Trainers know the right way to do exercises and that helps maximize benefits, while minimizing injuries. Trainers also know the fastest ways to get you to your goals and provide powerful motivation. There are so many other ways trainers help you achieve your goals, but how do you decide which trainer is the best trainer for you? The answer isn’t simple, but here are a few tips to help.

Interview personal trainers before you sign on the dotted line to ensure he or she is qualified.

You can learn a lot by simply talking to personal trainers. What is the background of the trainer? What certifications does he or she have? Ask how the trainer will proceed if you use his or her services? Does the trainer first interview you to learn your goals, special needs, dietary habits and then identify your fitness level with a short test, then create a personalized workout and dietary recommendations? Are all programs individualized based on fitness levels of all types of fitness?

A good personal trainer offers at least two types of training, private and small group.

The availability of small group training is important. It can make the difference for some people whether the trainer fits their budget or not. Small groups sessions cost less, but you get the same personalized program as you do in private sessions, but because everyone in the group shares the cost of the trainer’s time, it’s less expensive. Some people don’t feel comfortable exercising in front of others initially. If that describes you, find out if the trainer is flexible enough to allow some private sessions first, then allow you to transfer to a small group as you get more confident or comfortable.

Investigate whether the trainer offers nutritional advice as well as an exercise program.

Not all trainers provide advice on healthy eating. Finding one that does is important. There’s a saying that a healthy body starts in the kitchen and it’s true. You can’t out exercise a bad diet. The trainer should help you learn how to eat healthier and make smarter choices when it comes to food. He or she should use your food preferences, tolerances, needs and allergies as a guide. Just like a program of exercise, healthy eating habits should be personalized.

  • Is the personality of the trainer a good fit with yours. Not all people function well with an iron fist type trainer and the velvet glove isn’t a good fit for others.
  • Watch the group classes closely. While it may look like everyone is doing the same thing, they should each be doing a program with different reps, form or intensity. If you watch closely, you’ll see the difference.
  • See if the trainer is more focused on your needs, rather than bragging on his or her accomplishments. At the beginning of the interview, expect him or her to tell you about certifications and qualifications, but not the entire interview.
  • Ask for success stories. Unless the trainer is just starting, he or she should have a list of clients that gladly share their successful experience with the trainer.

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