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28 Nov

Strength Training Technique for the Personal Trainer

Two of the hottest topics currently in the personal training and strength training field are periodization and overtraining. In the past, most training methods used by personal trainers came from the Iron Game. That is why in the recent past, and often now as well, over-zealous Pt’s design programs comprised of the Arnold Schwarzenegger blitz […]

13 Nov

Strength Training for the Beginner

In this article we are going to be talking about the best Strength Training for the Beginner. “The best workout program is the one you’re not using.” is a motto in which there is some wisdom, even though the design of a workout program is not very simple. There are many early studies regarding weight […]

11 Nov

Strength Training Eccentrics

Your Guide to Eccentric Training The bodybuilder that’s most strongly linked to eccentric strength training is also someone that is known for idiosyncrasy: Arthur Jones. Jones caught the attention of followers thanks to his passion for alligators and his love of going on safaris in Africa. He was also a marketing master that helped make […]