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Boot Camps in San Antonio may vary quite a bit. While most boot camps are for everyone, some may be specifically for athletes, whether high school, college or pro, others may be for seniors, strictly men, women or mothers-to-be. That’s one reason you should get as much information on a boot camp before you sign on the dotted line. Some boot camps offer a free pass so you can experience it yourself. That’s the best way to get the feel and program of the boot camp.

The type of training, location and equipment used will vary at a boot camp.

While many boot camps use body weight exercises and calisthenics, some use more scientific methods, such as circuit training. These camps have a wider selection of equipment, which includes TRX suspension training, free weights, kettle bells and other types of equipment. While some boot camps take place outdoors, those using more equipment are always at one location, a gym. If you feel more comfortable working out in privacy, the gym setting would be better for you.

One thing is the same at all boot camps. They’re all run by a personal trainer.

Personal trainers create individual programs for each participant. The trainer first assesses your overall fitness, learns your goals and any special needs, such as physical limitations that might require modifying a workout. Only then does he or she create a program specifically for you that will work you safely toward your maximum potential. You’ll improve rapidly and as you do, the personal trainer modifies your program to reflect that improvement, so you’ll always working toward peak performance.

You only compete against yourself at a boot camp at your own pace.

That’s one reason many people prefer boot camps to group classes. If you’ve ever been in a group exercise class, you know how dumb you can feel not being able to keep up. That’s not true of a boot camp. While it might look like everyone is doing the same thing, each person has different goals. Some may be lifting heavier weights, doing more repetitions or doing a modified form of the exercise. On TRX suspension training, modifying your form just a bit can change a simple movement into one that’s far more difficult.

Some boot camps provide nutritional information for those that want to shed pounds or eat healthier.

Boot camps are normally an inexpensive way to get the services of a personal trainer. That’s because the whole group pays for the trainer’s time, so it’s less per capita.

Look for a boot camp where you feel comfortable. Some of them are quite fun. Many boot camps provide an atmosphere of support.

Look for a boot camp that offers testimonials. It’s even better if there are before and after pictures so you can see the progress made.

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