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If you’ve never experienced a New Braunfels bootcamp, this could be a great time to start. No matter what level of fitness you’re at, there’s something for everyone at a boot camp. Personal trainer’s run boot camps, so each participant has an individualized program. The super fit, who already have a workout schedule, often go to boot camps to improve form and break the monotony of working out alone. The newby to exercise finds a boot camp a good introduction and helps them learn the right types of exercises to do to get a good start.

The trainer that runs the boot camp assesses each person’s level of fitness before the program begins.

Not only does the trainer learn your goals, which can vary from getting fitter or losing weight to improving form and reaching a new potential, he or she learns if you have any special needs that might require modifying the form of some exercises. The trainer also assesses each person’s fitness level and creates a program suitable for them. It will be tough, but still within his or her capabilities.

You’ll all be working out together but doing each exercise differently.

When you’re at a boot camp, everyone might be doing push-ups, but some will be doing more reps, doing them faster or even using a different form. At boot camps that use interval training, you’ll see even more diversity, since one group may be swinging kettlebells, while another jumping rope or doing another activity. After a specific period, everyone goes into a cool down exercise and then moves to another station. It’s definitely high-energy and you can tell from watching everyone struggles, but each at their own level.

Boot camps are friendly and motivating.

Not only does the personal trainer provide motivation at a boot camp, so do the other participants. Sometimes there’s friendly competition between two or three people, where they try to outdo one another. Other times, you’ll here people cheering each other on to victory or see high-fives after accomplishing a tough goal.

You get all the benefits of having a personal trainer, but at a fraction of the cost. That’s because the cost of the trainer’s time is shared among the participants, so it’s less per capita.

A boot camp provides fast results. Fast results are a powerful motivator.

Some people sign up for a boot camp just to sample the workout or take advantage of a special, but they enjoy it so much, when it ends, they sign up for the next one.

You learn a wide variety of exercises at a boot camp and learn to do them correctly. That can help prevent injury and maximize results.

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