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In order to be healthier and fitter, you need a program of regular exercise that will push you toward good health and a San Antonio meal prep program to insure you get the proper nutrients without high calories to help you shed extra pounds without feeling deprived or hungry. Eating healthy doesn’t mean dieting. Dieting simply doesn’t work. You always end a diet and then go back to old eating habits, which added the extra pounds in the first place. You’ll regain the weight you lost and often a few pounds extra.

Eating healthy means learning to make smarter choices when it comes to the food on your table.

If you’ve ever watched someone eat that never seems to gain weight, you’ll probably notice they eat mountains of food. While some people do have a higher metabolism and even eat junk food without adding pounds. However, most of the time people who eat a lot, eat healthier meals and make better choices for the foods. They may eat a huge high calorie meal occasionally, but most of the time they consume more whole foods, foods that are closest to the natural state with little processing. The eat more frequently too.

When you eat more frequent healthy snacks, you’re less likely to raid the candy counter at the grocery or eat a high calorie dish at a fast food place.

If you’ve starved yourself before, you know what I mean. You go shopping or stop for gas and can’t help but grab up a box of cookies, package of candy or those hot dogs and tacos sold at those places. When you plan ahead and have healthy snacks, you aren’t as likely to grab a quick high calorie, highly processed snack and have a far better chance of shaving off those extra pounds. You’ll never feel starved when you have healthy snacks available.

Saving a few calories by making smarter choices isn’t a huge sacrifice.

You can eat anywhere and still get the benefit of a lower calorie meal when you have the knowledge about which foods to eat. Making simple substitutions, such as ordering wild or brown rice rather than white rice can save some calories. Cooking differently, like using unsweetened applesauce to replace some of the fat or sugar in pastries saves calories but still allows you to get fabulous flavor. Learning and using all these small calorie savings can add up and help you shed pounds without feeling deprived.

People who start eating healthier often find they actually eat more than they did before they learned some of the helpful tricks.

You don’t have to give up all the foods you love when you eat healthier. You just eat them less often and in smaller amounts.

You’ll be amazed at how good foods actually taste when you learn to cook healthier. Often you use herbs and spices liberally because they don’t add calories but do add flavor.

When you learn to eat healthy, you can help your family by serving healthier meals. Your children will grow up with good eating habits.

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