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Whether you’ve tried shedding pounds and getting fit on your own before and failed or are making your first attempt, a weight loss clinic in San Antonio may be just what you need for success. Weight loss clinics often combine healthy eating with exercise to get fast superior results. Not only does it get results, it changes your life in the process. When you have a program of regular exercise and healthy eating, you never have to diet again.

Healthy eating isn’t a diet.

Not only is healthy eating not a diet, it has nothing to do with eating special foods. In fact, you can eat almost anywhere when you know the right foods to choose. It doesn’t mean you give up all the foods you love either. You can still eat them, but less frequently, while also keeping portion control in mind. You might have to make some small substitutions, such as swapping out white rice for whole rice or using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. While the substitutions taste the same, they’re lower in calories. These small savings all add up to a huge weight loss. Most of your foods will be not process, but whole. You’ll even eat more frequently, making sure you have healthy snacks available for mid-afternoon, mid-morning and evening.

When you exercise, you do more than just burn more calories.

Sure you’ll burn extra calories working out and those add up to big losses. However, you’ll also build muscle tissue. Muscle tissue uses more calories for maintenance than fat tissue does, so effectively, you’ll be burning more calories 24/7. That means you’ll be boosting your metabolism to lose weight more easily.

You need a weight loss clinic that offers the services of a personal trainer.

Not only does the trainer identify your level of fitness and create a personalized workout program. He or she also provides motivation, tracks your progress and insures you’re using exercises that get the best results. Trainers know the most effective ones, such as kettlebells, which burn more calories in 45 minutes than most exercises do in an hour.

Find a weight loss clinic that offers a free opportunity to workout or a pass for a several days. You can get a feel on whether you like it before you sign up for regular sessions.

When you have a personal trainer, not only does he or she create a plan for you, as you get fitter, the trainer adjusts the plan to meet your new level of fitness.

When you shed pounds and become fitter, you’ll have more energy to do other active things that can help burn even more calories.

You’ll burn off the hormones of stress when you workout regularly, such as cortisol, which is associated with abdominal fat.

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