Get Into Sports As An Adult

It doesn’t matter how active or athletic you were in high school or college, it’s time get into sports as an adult. One of the great parts of doing it is that you can prepare for the task even before you choose a sport or find a team. Preparation, of course, is getting your body in shape and fit. As a personal trainer, I create a program specifically for you to do that. It won’t take a long time, but while you’re getting into shape, choose the sport you want to try. I’ll adjust your program to get your body ready for it.

Choosing a team sport is an excellent way to make friends and have fun.

Whether you’re signing up for a team sport at the local Y or joining your work buddies for a company team, you’ll have more fun when you’re working toward a win with other people. Office teams build a good relationship amongst coworkers and creates a better working environment. If you’re getting your body ready ahead of time, you’ll surprise them with your athletic ability, endurance and strength.

Maybe it’s not a sport, just an athletic endeavor.

Competitive dancing is sure athletic, but some may not class it as a sport. I do. It works your body out to the max and rewards you for your effort with a good performance. Dancers tend to live longer and healthier than others and that’s important, since you can dance well into your 70s and even 80s. You can take lessons at a dance studio and often find a partner to dance with there if you don’t have a significant other. It’s social, it’s fun, you can do it anywhere and it keeps you fit.

Swim, ski or run to beat the competition.

Swimming, skiing or running usually have age groups and/or levels of proficiency. If you’re a beginning woman skier in the older age bracket, the chances of winning a trophy are pretty great, since you won’t have much competition. Not only are all these sports good for your body, the competition gives you a goal. It makes running more exciting if you’re training or in a race, which adds extra motivation to train.

Getting into sports can include hiking and rock climbing. Hiking gives you a serene look at the great out of doors. Most newbies to rock climbing do it inside where it’s safer to make a mistake.

It’s not always easy to find a team if you want to get into competitive team sports. Sometimes you can go to the park or local school and find people shooting hoops. There are also several football, softball and baseball leagues for adults in most areas.

Ironman competitions are the ultimate in fitness. There are a wide variety of other types of challenges like these that will satisfy your urge for competition and comradery while challenging your body to tough workouts on the way.

Whether it’s a team or a solo sport, finding something you love to do is not only good for the body, it’s good for the soul.

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