What Are The Best Workouts To Do In The Least Amount Of Time?

People all over the country from Dallas and Denver to Miami and Oklahoma are busy getting back into the groove and looking for the best workouts that can be done in the least amount of time. Business has gotten busier and finding ways to save time, while staying fit is important. If you can take more time for an hour at the gym, go for it. However, most people have days that are simply too rushed. Rather than skipping a workout entirely, they use these time saving ideas.

Break your workout to three sessions.

If you have a half hour workout…break it down to three ten-minute sessions. One study tracked four groups of people. The first group didn’t exercise. The second group did two 15-minute workouts a day. The third group did a solid half hour a day and the fourth group did three 10-minute workouts. Who got the most benefit? Based on weight lost and improved endurance, all three groups that exercised benefited equally. The group that didn’t workout made no progress, as would be expected. If you have small sections of time throughout the day, you can fit in an entire workout and still benefit even if it’s done in sections.

Work out harder.

Increase your intensity and cut your time a little shorter. If you’re working out at a moderate pace or with lighter weights, make it harder on yourself by adding more weight and increasing the intensity. You shouldn’t workout as long when you’ve bumped up your efforts to the max. Push yourself to the limit. Doing interval training with less resting time between sets is another way to get more bang from our exercise time.

Make compound moves part of your workout.

Compound moves involve several muscle groups working at the same time. It can save time when you’re doing strength training, especially. You can combine two exercises in one with a squat that adds a bicep curl or do a lunge as you’re doing a tricep extension. Do a movement that combines several muscle groups in one exercise, like a deadlift or basic squat.

  • Write out your workout, so you don’t have to stop and think or find the video when you have time to workout. You will save time and get your routine done faster when you know exactly what comes next. Having it in front of you, on paper, is one way to do it.
  • Turn off your phone to avoid distractions. Even the best intentions can go by the wayside. If the call is important, they’ll leave a message.
  • Do a four minute nitric oxide dump three times a day. Dr. Zach Bush created it and it includes squats, arm swings, arm circles and overhead presses. It’s perfect when you have just a few minutes to use.
  • Can’t exercise? Sure you can. Instead of driving to the store, walk. If that’s not a potential, park further from the store to get in more steps. Take the stairs not the elevator. Take a walking lunch.

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