7-Day “Slim & Tone at Home” for Women

FREE Home Fitness Videos (Below): “Slim-Down & Tone-Up at Home” Method for Women in Their late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s…

($168.00 Value) Courtesy of Your Local SCULPTAFIT Studio and The SCULPTAFIT Team of Saint Johns/South Mandarin

SCULPTAFIT Saint Johns and South Mandarin Fitness for Women

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The Total-Body “Slim & Tone” Method You Can do In Just 20 Minutes Per Session – at Home, the Office, or Even When Traveling (videos play on almost any modern smartphone, tablet, laptop)

Short, effective and pleasant toning sessions are a busy woman’s best friend. So, our gift to you is exactly that! Your “Tone at Home” program delivers SWEET RESULTS that you start feeling in the first few days – and visible improvements within the first few weeks.

Your friends will ask; “WOW, what have you been doing??”

Why the Free Program? What’s the Catch?

There is no catch – at all.

But there are a few key reasons, why SCULPTAFIT founder, Joey Atlas, believes it’s a good idea to share this with you…

Unique, Simple, EFFECTIVE

Unique, Simple, EFFECTIVE

The popularity of his books, DVDs and programs over the last few years, have put Joey in a position to start the SCULPTAFIT Studio revolution, with the first location being right here in Saint Johns, FL – and as a way of “giving forward”, Joey is making some of his best programs available to local women who need them the most.

Also, there are times when all SCULPTAFIT Studio sessions are fully booked, and Joey’s team can’t take on any new clients. The Studio has a max capacity of 225 client spots, in an area (Saint Johns/South Mandarin) that has over 28,000 women. Hence the priority waiting list…

But he doesn’t want that to stop any woman from taking positive action and making healthy progress in her fitness and wellness. It’s simply too important to neglect.

“You guys are THE BEST. The free 7-Day program basically was the turning point for my body and my life – right at middle-age when I had almost lost all hope! I’m so grateful for finding this and I share it with other local ladies I know who can use something like this. Amazing that you are able to give this kind of guidance for free!”  THANK YOU, Kathy 🙂

So this FREE 7-Day “Slim &Tone at Home” Program gives you more than just a perfect start, but it also serves as your foundation of personal fitness should you decide you want to reach your full potential and eventually become a SCULPTAFIT client, and join the movement occurring inside this one-of-a-kind Studio for women.

Curious About What You Get In This Sweet FREE Program?

No problem – here is what we have for you:

Founder - Joey Atlas

Founder – Joey Atlas

Day 1 – Lower-Body Makeover; Level 1; On the Mat
(Say good-bye to cellulite, saddle-bags, saggy thighs and mushy legs)

Day 2 – Flat-Sexy Stomach
(a safe & gentle way to target belly-bulge and muffin-top)

Day 3 – Total-Body Toning; Level 1
(your lazy friends will be BIGTIME jealous from the results you get with this)

Day 4 – Stealth-Stretch; 12-minute sequence; plus Cardio-Fusion
(anti-aging effects that last a lifetime)

Day 5 – Playground Toning
(a sweet option when near a park, traveling or with the kids)

Day 6 – Lower-Body Makeover; Level 1; Standing Sequence
(Lifts, tones, shapes and sculpts your worst trouble-zones)

Day 7 – Tightly-Toned Arms
(tighten and sculpt the flabby bits you hate seeing in the mirror so you can wear the ‘sleeveless’)

After Day # 7, you can expect several other toning video sessions and sweet gifts of wellness & fitness – to keep your newfound momentum going, and your H.O.T. results coming.

Just Tell Us Where to Send Your Daily Session Videos
by filling in the 7-Day “Tone at Home” form by clicking here <==

All we ask is 2 things:

1. Be sure to get your doctor’s clearance for physical activity before starting. Our programs are NOT high intensity per se – but we still want you to take the safe step before starting.

2. Please “pay it forward” by sharing the 7-Day program with your friends who can also benefit from it. Just use the share buttons below to post this page.