Corporate Fitness and Workplace Wellness

Corporate Fitness and Workplace Wellness programs are something many progressive, forward-thinking businesses are implementing…

The medical/health cost savings, the positive ROI factor and the enhanced loyalty of staff are just a few of the reasons small and medium sized companies are following the lead of larger corporations.

Studies show, depending on the type of specific program implemented, ROI can range from $1.65 up to $6 in return for every dollar invested in a properly structured Corporate Fitness and Employee Wellness program.

These programs are tax deductible, and some states are even offering tax incentives & credits because of the evidence proving positive health impacts that decrease medical-related tax/cost burdens of municipalities & regions.

corporate fitness workplace wellness Joey seminar

Joey Leading a Nutrition Habits for Health and Performance Seminar in a Corporate Fitness Workplace Wellness Workshop

This article outlines, and links to, numerous studies showing the proof of the numbers:

==> Five Reasons Employee Wellness Is Worth the Investment

If you’re in the corporate world, or you are part of a busy professional office, you may be aware that Corporate Fitness & Workplace Wellness programs are becoming more and more popular as their proof of positive impact becomes more evident with each passing year.

As a modern health & wellness organization, our purpose is to IMPROVE the lives of as many people as possible, by bringing them a gentle, safe and effective method of health and wellness.

One of the key differentiators is that our gentle & safe approach to fitness programming resonates with corporate HR managers, and fills the need for wellness guidance to;

Nikki corporate fitness workplace wellness health improvement seminar

Nikki Leads Corporate Fitness Health/Work Impact Seminar

– improve productivity

– decrease absenteeism

– decrease medical expenses

– strengthen employee loyalty

We’ve had enough inquiries over the last few years that helped us realize that we needed to develop a Corporate Fitness – Workplace Wellness program to offer small/medium businesses, both locally and remotely.

People spend a significant amount of time at their place of work, and incorporating fitness programing at the workplace makes life better, healthier and more profitable for everyone, so we are now taking next steps to serve the people in this important market.

Our core offerings are:

1 – Custom Video-On-Demand Fitness & Healthy Nutrition platform and companion app

2 – On-site fitness classes, monthly nutrition workshops and healthy lifestyle seminars

3 – remote location consulting & planning, program implementation and support

4 – High-level executive & CEO programming, consulting and coaching

We only work with companies that align with a philosophy focused on safe, sustainable exercise methods and healthy nutrition programs that are supported by science, NOT by hype, myths or mass-media misguidance.

Custom tailoring a package will be applied to each business depending on employee demographics, budgets and overall needs. Most of this is gathered and discussed in survey & discovery phase, speaking with HR, etc.

Connecting us with the HR department at your company is the next step to explore how we could bring a healthy solution to the business and to the employee population at your company.

If you are the primary HR contact or business owner are are interested in exploring how we can help you, we would love to connect and keep this conversation going in the right direction.

We’d be happy to share more details about how this can be a perfect “fit” for your place of work 🙂

You can reach us by phone at 904-891-3680

or – you can send us an email via this page

We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂
Joey and the Amazing SCULPTAFIT Wellness Coaching Team

Corporate fitness workplace wellness

Corporate Fitness & Workplace Wellness Programs Bring Solid ROI