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    “I Looked In the Mirror and Said; Enough Is Enough, I Will Be Fit By 50”

    *Specific results are not guaranteed. So the neat thing is, your results may vary, because every woman is unique, of course.

    A Candid Interview With Another SCULPTAFIT Studio Success Story

    1 – How would you describe your state of health and fitness before finding SCULPTAFIT?

    While I never considered myself to be in poor health, I was physically out of shape, tired and things were slowly going further downhill…

    After 25 years of marriage, 2 children and opening a business, I realized I had forgotten about taking care of myself along the way. I let myself go and it was affecting all areas of my life.

    2 – Being a mom and wife, were there things that worried you about your health profile?

    I always put everyone else first, that’s what mom’s do, right?

    I’m not regretful about the choices I made but have realized as I’ve watched my children age, that I still have a lot more things to look forward to. I came to the realization that I had to make a change for the better if I planned on traveling with my husband, playing with grandchildren, and living a long and healthy, active life.

    Making that positive change was my responsibility, it was up to me. And I just needed to find the right thing.

    3 – How did you discover SCULPTAFIT?

    I had seen SCULPTAFIT but had not yet ventured in to inquire. But then a friend told me about SCULPTAFIT, and then I had the opportunity to meet Joey at a church event.

    Everything he said made so much sense to me that I knew this was something I had to at least try.

    It almost sounded too good to be true, but I had a certain level of trust.

    4 – Before finding SCULPTAFIT, which other exercise programs or diets had you tried in the past?

    Over the years I’ve tried Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Curves when they were around, and the Atkins diet. I would see some early success but it wouldn’t last, nothing was sustainable and lasting, like what I’m experiencing now.

    5 – How would you describe your experiences in some of those past attempts at weight loss and fitness?

    I was so focused on superficial physical appearance and losing weight that my success was typically short lived. I got into a pattern of losing weight only to regain it, and then gaining even more.

    All very frustrating…

    6 – What was it about SCULPTAFIT that made you feel this could actually be the thing that helps you?

    Truthfully, I had no idea if SCULPTAFIT would be the right fit, but I was desperate to make a positive change.

    The free sample session was the perfect for me to see what the program offered, and how the method is so different from everything else out there.

    That first session was gently challenging, but it was safe, I could do it. It was also enjoyable and I really felt like I had accomplished something. It really was different, like Joey had described to me at the church event. I decided to stick with it.

    7 – If talking to a friend, how would you describe the Team and method at SCULPTAFIT?

    The entire Coaching Team is the most amazing part of this; very very different than traditional fitness instructors and trainers. The coaches here are encouraging, supportive and help you modify the movements if you need it.

    They are truly invested in each and every client and want to see you succeed. Although unique, the exercises are easy to understand, even though they change every 4 weeks, and it’s fun making like-minded friends in class.

    8 – How long have you been a client?

    I’ve been at SCULPTAFIT for only 10 months. I’m in awe of how much progress I’ve made in that short time.

    9 – What goals have you achieved so far?

    My initial goal was really just to feel better. I felt so tired and achy all the time. Like I was prematurely aging…

    Of course I wanted and needed to lose weight, but that wasn’t as much my focus. After only the first 6 weeks, I was feeling so energized. I began to find other ways to be more active and started walking on the days I wasn’t at SCULPTAFIT.

    Eventually I started making logical, healthier food choices as well. The Team shares a lot of simple but usable food info that simplifies matters.

    10 – What differences do you see in yourself both physical and mental – as a result of this new approach to exercise and mindset?

    After losing 85 pounds, of course the physical change is undeniable. I’ve actually had people not recognize me.

    The mental change is amazing too. I have actually created a new lifestyle, just by the way I think, over the last 10 months and that is one of the subtle parts that is different.

    See I never went on a “diet” this time. I just set out to become active and healthy. And the SCULPTAFIT philosophy is based on shifting your thinking, combined with a totally unique approach to fitness for women

    The progress has been steady and in the last 10 months, since I’ve been through many holidays, vacations and family events AND still stayed on track, I truly feel like it has become the new “normal” for me. That is profound.

    11 – What differences and changes does your family see in you?

    The change for them has been gradual, but the first thing they noticed was my positive attitude and healthy habits.

    Not only have they always been encouraging but have participated with me in this change of lifestyle. We exercise together when our schedule allows for it and my husband enjoys the healthy diet.

    My older daughter also comes to SCULPTAFIT with me when she is home from college.

    12 – How have these improvements impacted your personal day to day life and mindset?

    The impact on my life is very positive. I have tons of energy and I’m not dragging through the day. I sleep better, don’t need antacids or other over the counter remedies. My physical exam this year was outstanding and all my numbers are normal.

    My entire outlook on life has improved tremendously.

    13 – Do you have a favorite exercise, or certain aspect of the overall philosophy that you love? Or both?

    I love that the studio circuit configuration change every 4 weeks. While some exercises come back around, you never get bored.

    And with all the media spreading messages of high intensity, grueling, hardcore workouts it really is refreshing to know that there is a gentle way to get awesome results and something you can actually enjoy as a lifestyle filled with so many benefits.

    It’s fun to see yourself getting younger, lighter, toned, stronger and more physically capable.

    It’s easy to see why this could be ‘the answer’ for so many women who are still searching.

    14 – With all the progress you’ve made so far, what long term goals do you have for your overall health and wellness?

    I’m just ready to live life to the fullest. I’m so happy, now that I don’t have physical limitations or considerations when making plans.

    15 – Is there anything else you would like to add that we may not have touched on above?

    If you are tired of all the other things you’ve tried and aren’t sure what to do, talk to the Team at SCULPTAFIT.

    Despite all the procedures and quick fixes being marketed out there, there is no magic pill or injection.

    You have to be dedicated to making a positive shift, for yourself. Love yourself enough to just try it out. Because if I can do it, you can too!

    ~~ Nicole Crouch

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    “After losing 80 pounds... I decided to enter a pageant once again.”

    *Specific results are not guaranteed. So the neat thing is, your results may vary, because every woman is unique, of course.

    I have said it before, and I will say it again. “JOEY ATLAS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!”

    Feeling and looking like a (big) lazy slug, tired of failed attempts at being healthier, I was so aggravated. Then I discovered Joey Atlas. When I first got involved with his Methods, I felt intrigued, because it all seemed different than anything I had ever seen or heard before.

    As a young woman, I was able to stay in great shape by eating healthy, working out, and running after my two sons. However, here I was, middle-age, kids grown and in college, and years had slipped by, and I had let myself go, and no matter what I did try; NOTHING was working. I counted calories, choked down salads, vegetables, yogurt and granola bars until I was sick of it all. But I didn’t give up. I still had hope I would find the thing that would work for me.

    After a long talk with my sweet husband, we decided to make an entire lifestyle change. My sister had just had a stroke in recovery from surgery, and diagnosed with diabetes. Major wake-up call with this, so I decided to give the Symulast method a shot. Now, to be clear, I had never met Joey in person, but when watching his instructional primer video, I immediately felt a strong connection. It was easy to trust him.

    Here was an energetic, compassionate, well-educated fitness professional who actually made sense – a lot of it; and thus, my journey began! Eating became a targeted blessing of taste and nourishment as I began a clean anti-diabetic meal plan, while following the new program. Keeping my own activities the same in the mornings, and enjoyable fitness walks with my husband in the evenings, I simply added Joey’s unique routines several times a week. And WOW, I was NOT in the shape I though t I was.

    These precise, trouble-zone and problem-area focused movements were pleasantly challenging; and I could feel all my muscles being re-activated – important muscles that I was neglecting for years – which was a key reason why my body got into the bad condition it was in. After a week or so, my energy levels went up, and so did the ease of not just how I performed these movements, but my own activities and walks started to become easier and more enjoyable – as if I was getting younger! But the shift wasn’t just physical – there was a mindshift happening through this – a very positive and powerful one. Truthfully, I had been ready to give up, but not anymore. I realized I was in control now. My health now had direction and my fitness had a purpose. Soon I began to double Joey’s methods, and with the mindful eating he teaches, fin ally, finally could see results! I sincerely mean this, the energy, motivation and direction I found from Joey have c hanged my life.

    After losing 80 pounds, and my hubby losing 60 with me, I decided to enter a pageant once again. After being crowned World’s Classic Tourism Miss WV, 2014, I went on to win World’s Classic Princess 2015 at the national pageant and here is the kicker, I won Photogenic! Pressing onward, I again entered a national pageant as US United Mrs. WV 2015, of course – still doing Joey’s methods, still feeling the power, and was recently crowned the cove ted US United Ambassador Queen 2015. Not only that, but I was confident enough to wear a fabulous gown, competition wardrobe, and was awarded “Best Interview Outfit” after donning a tight white dress. In fact, in lieu of a “Send off” party for the national competition, I asked instead for an elliptical to add to my fitness arsenal.

    Joey, my husband says you have created a “Fitness Beast!”, lol. Not only am I seeing the reward of all this in my husband and son’s eyes, but I have gained so much respect from all my co-workers, extensive pageant family and friends . I have always said, “Those who do, do, and those who do not, talk about it!”

    So a word of advice, no more talk of “I need to…”, just join the SCULPTAFIT community, give yourself a chance to benefit from a powerful and innovative method created for you, and discover your own fabulousness, energy and motivation. Do not hesitate, because you WILL experience realistic, enjoyable results, and you’ll want to do this forever once you feel and see the difference in yourself.

    Glenna R.
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    Testimonial Picture of Kathleen (2)
    “Joey is changing the world one life at a time”

    *Specific results are not guaranteed. So the neat thing is, your results may vary, because every woman is unique, of course.

    Although I haven’t yet had the awesome experience of being in the first SCULPTAFIT Studio – I can say this about the founder and creator, Joey Atlas…

    He is far ahead of “the pack” in the world of fitness for women. I’m living proof of the effectiveness of what he teaches. As you can see in my before and after photos, I am a new woman. I am healthier, happier, and have more energy to be the best working mom I can be, all because I decided to follow Joey’s unique method X years ago. Yes, I’ve tried other things and other programs, only be become frustrated and disappointed due to the minimal results I saw fade away time and again.

    I wouldn’t give up though, there had to be something… some better way that would work for me. As fate would have it, I stumbled across Joey’s methods during my never ending online research for this better way, and my life has changed ever since. Not just my body, but my mindset and my health. What he has created in these unique, “women-only studios” is a natural progression of fully developing his methods and how they are delivered. The women of today’s world certainly need “a better way” to get fit and SCULPTAFIT may very well be the way.

    One of the most surprising elements of Joey’s methods is the fact that he doesn’t take a “push hard” approach. It’s more about controlled, gentle movements done with focus and proper form. This was very different for me from the high -intensity, boot-camp style programs that I forced myself to do with little success. Some people are undoubtedly here to change the world. Joey is changing the world one life at a time. He has changed my life and now with SCULPTAFIT he can help you change your life too!

    As a woman, I urge you to open up a world of possibilities and give yourself the best chance for personal fitness success, longevity and optimal wellness: go, see, and experience the difference and excellence of SCULPTAFIT.

    Busy Mom of 3