The Creator

It’s almost midnight…

A cold and lonely night in December of 1999 – in the midst of my 1st divorce – Technically, I’m homeless… Lying on my bed (the massage table of my first personal training studio), missing my kids – staring into the infinite darkness of the 8×10 room I called my bedroom for 14 months…

On most other nights like this one – I’d feel the pain of the darkness, the loneliness – the distance from my children – even though they were only a few miles away… The notion that I had created a life that trapped me – almost like an invisible prison – was one I had struggled with during this challenging phase…

I tried getting myself to sleep because before I knew it – it would be 5am, time for me to wake-up and train a full roster of clients for about 14 hours straight… that was my typical daily routine back then.

But on this particular night – something new was brewing inside me.

Despite the pain, the loneliness, the shame and embarrassment of what I was going through – I was able to feel my inner-strength, the power of my mind, my ability to persevere, my desire to reach my full potential, my will to succeed…

I knew I had all I needed to release myself from that invisible prison – and create the life I truly desired… ( Maybe you’ve felt this way at certain points in your life? )

I knew I had my life, the ultimate gift – and with that – I could choose my thoughts, my actions and my direction – despite the current circumstances I was living in at the time.

Part of my vision for the life I truly desired to live, was to help more people discover their best potential through fitness. At the time I was limited to only helping a few dozen people who could afford to invest $1,200-$1,500.00 per month to have me as their personal trainer.

I knew all along this prevented me from helping many other people who either didn’t live close enough to my studio – or who simply couldn’t afford the high price-tag of my services.

I knew I had more in me – and I knew there was something bigger I needed to be bringing into the world. Something that would allow me and my methods to connect with people exactly like you.

In my mind’s eye, I could see a day where my reach and influence would help change the lives of thousands and thousands of people around the world. This ability was a gift inside me – and it was my responsibility to make this vision a reality.

If not – it would simply be all wasted potential, and it would deny so many women the vehicle for optimal fitness, wellness and much needed & deserved self-esteem.

I went to sleep that dark, cold and lonely night with this vision and goal set firmly in the sights of my soul.

It became my purpose – not only to help the people who needed my guidance and not only to create the life I wanted – but to also set the example for my kids – that life is your divine opportunity to make of it what you desire – despite the ups and downs that are part of life, which are an essential part of life that actually gives it meaning.

The months slowly marched on and so did life – but I kept my big vision and goals in view at all times – taking small, but progressive, actions toward those visions I was aiming for.

On a day to day basis – I was training people from sun-up to sun-down… I was getting burnt-out – but at the same time I was learning some very subtle, but profound, things that would help shape my evolution, of both my personal approach to optimal fitness and my approach in guiding others – especially women.

I slowly got rid of all the traditional workout machines in my studio – and also got rid of most of the conventional heavy weights. Replacing all that with open space and several pieces of equipment that focused on natural body-weight movements. The changes felt good and right. I was feeling ‘progress’.

But, on the personal side – 2010 brought with it divorce #2, and again – the challenges and struggles of a single adulthood, co-parenting, work/business life – and seeking out more self-development as a student of life, wanting to eventually experience the best that life has to offer – by creating from within…

Lots of “homework” and introspection ensued (still continues to this day) – causing me to evaluate all areas of my life – in order to improve all the aspects I desired to improve. One conclusion was the obvious need to make my daily habits of fitness more time-efficient.

Hence the drive to shorten time devoted to exercise – while seeking out ways to get even better results. Yes, this sounds like a great challenge – but solutions to these types of challenges are what create life-changing breakthroughs.

So I strengthened my focus and devotion to developing more “natural” fitness training sessions – by moving away from the “workout” norms of the mainstream – and simply doing what seemed to “make more sense”, carving the path as I went further along.

I also started training myself, and some clients, on local playgrounds. What I was finding was breakthrough material:

  • exercise sessions were more fun
  • less time was needed to get the desired results
  • movements were much more natural and “comfortable”
  • far less aches and joint stiffness
  • injuries became a non-issue
  • again, the results were quite impressive

Around this time – I was also gearing up to start putting my newly evolving method into the hands of people around the world – by way of the internet…

I began to record videos of my best material – started creating websites – and then marketing my unique content of those websites to women around the world – and the response was amazing… The feedback and appreciation was powerful proof that my new path was the right direction – and that more of it was needed by the people who were still looking for something “made for them”…

As time progressed I was able to close the personal training studio and focus all my efforts in reaching people around the world with my blogs, DVDs, private online videos, etc – all thanks to the reach of the internet.

My top program, Naked Beauty, earned me a few appearances on TV, conference presentations, and has since been translated into 5 other languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

More importantly though, this also freed me up to further enhance and develop my revolutionary approach to realistic fitness for modern, busy people – which led to the development a unique apparatus (officially known as ‘The SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym’ (TM)) which allowed for all the movements and programming I wanted to follow myself – and how I would advise others, eventually.

Lots of time, energy and money went into designing and building the first version of The SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym. And within the first week of using it, I knew I was onto something – something VERY BIG…

My dream at that time would be to eventually create private studios, with a series of SCULPTAFIT Home-Gyms being the main attraction and powerful foundation of a unique and truly progressive method of fitness, strength and wellness. …One that has been much needed for far too long.

In 2015, I decided it became time to make that dream a reality. And hence began the process of building the first SCULPTAFIT Studio in Mandarin/Saint Johns, Florida.

Knowing this is something needed by people around the world – the purpose of the local location is first to serve the local people of our community – and eventually make these methods and the SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym available – to people everywhere.

While this page may have started as an “About Joey” page – you can see this has actually become “About You” – because I’m about you. I’ve taken great risks, poured endless energy, long hours and countless dollars – into making this dream a reality – to help people exactly like YOU.

These are the unique gifts and talents have been given to me in order to make the world a better place – and bringing them into your world is the only way for me to honor those gifts and show true gratefulness for being in this position – to help the world, by helping you.

But to give you the best you deserve and need for your optimum life – SCULPTAFIT transcends the traditional model of fitness services.

Yes, what you see and experience here is unique – but the intangibles that are part of the secret recipe here are what fuel the revolution people have been waiting for.

As a client (local or ‘long-distance’) of SCULPTAFIT – you’re an essential part of a positive culture. A collective mindset that supports one another – in the movement toward optimum fitness for an optimum life, for yourself and your family.

When you’re at your best – everyone in your life benefits. Life itself is better.

Together we build and strengthen a conscious level of awareness that makes all the right choices easier because they are based on personal values, deepest desires and true goals.

Together – we fuel a mindset that blocks out tempting opportunities for bad choices, literally making them invisible as time progresses.

Together we realize there really is strength in numbers – and together we change the world, by first changing ourselves and loving the process as we live it.



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