The Story

Pure Necessity Leads to True Innovation (and Simplification)

Exercise physiologistcreating the unit, Joey “Atlas” Gennusa, was in his early thirties when he began to realize traditional approaches to fitness and optimal wellness were not realistic for the busy women of today’s society.

The uncomfortable machines, the painful weights, the challenging diets
and the demanding time factor made personal fitness success something far out of reach for the majority of middle-aged women.

He realized the conventional fitness paradigm was critically faulty in several ways.

But let’s take a step back for a second – because it’s important for you to know – this realization was triggered by his own middle-age challenges. Trying to keep a marriage intact, trying to raise kids, trying to run a business – and trying to live a fit & healthy lifestyle (the “old” way) – had become impossible…

This experience helped Joey realize the challenges every modern woman is faced with in her own life.. He was able to fully grasp the every-day challenges of his female clients… how much she has to juggle, how much she is responsible for, how much she is relied upon…

This stuck with him in a profound way. And onward he pushed – seeking a “better way” to help himself – and his female clients, who needed a better solution…




As time ticked on – Joey realized it was up to him to create the better way – the way that didn’t exist – but needed to.

Moving away from the grueling confines of weights, “same-old” machines and cardio torture – Joey began putting his Master’s Degree – and his own understanding of the body to work… And he did this on playgrounds. He began to train on any playground he could find – and would also train clients & friends who were up for the unique experience…

His clients couldn’t get enough of this playground fitness method. But that was just the start of what would come to be.

What evolved from those unique playground exercise sessions would be revolutionary…

Joey had soon realized his fitness had improved, with less time and effort required. And so did the fitness and wellness of others.

“Workout” times were literally cut in half. The amount, and type, of exertion were different. It was no longer a form of physical self-punishment – but rather a shorter period of mental focus and physical stimulation.

The effort no longer felt like a “workout” – but rather something more enjoyable and stimulating.


After 5 years of this new approach to getting into even better shape, some important breakthroughs became brightly evident:

1 – Exercise was no longer “unpleasant” or painful – it became fun, stimulating energizing
2 – Targeting weak zones, trouble-spots and problem-areas on clients happened very naturally
3 – It triggered fat-loss – and also toned-up & re-sculpted the flabby out-of-shape body
4 – This is something people desperately need – and must have access to.


He realized he needed to create a way for people to make this method a natural part of their lifestyle. He realized he needed to build something that didn’t exist.

And in the words of one of his favorite progressive thinkers, R. Buckminster Fuller;

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– R. Buckminster Fuller; architect, inventor, designer and author of more than 30 books.

Joey got busy… And soon enough, the big “AHA” moment hit him…

Joey realized if he could design a machine – a single unit that would allow for every movement he was doing with clients on the playgrounds – he could create a whole new method of fitness and strength for LIFE

Additionally, if he could create this masterpiece – weather or climate would no longer be an issue because the method could then be followed indoors – instead of only outdoors.

Many hours (and MANY dollars) later, Joey came up with a few designs that could work – and then with the help of several design engineers – they created the first prototype – installed it in Joey’s house – and then the real testing began…

5 years of daily use – training himself, friends and family – the results were undeniable – and Joey knew it was time for this unique apparatus, and the method it was designed for, to be released to the world.

Specifically to the people who need it the most…

SCULPTAFIT of Mandarin & Saint Johns, FL is the first location.

As a local resident – Joey wanted to first introduce this to the area he considers home.

And as you read the remainder of “the story” – you are invited to become part of the ongoing story – a part of the dream which is now a reality…

We invite you to become part of the “new model” – part of the “better way” – the new fitness paradigm for clients who were done with the “old ways”…

What you just read is only the first part of the story.

And it continues from here forward – as each new female client joins the family – and as each new location opens its doors…

The method will spread – and the paradigm will continue to shift.

“Lots of blood, sweat, tears and dollars have gone into this. Nothing was going to stop me from making this available to the people who still needs a realistic and effective solution for a lifetime of good health, strength and wellness …”
– Joey Atlas

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