Corinne Dean

My early introduction to fitness consisted of my sister and I joining my mother for a Jane Fonda workout in our living room…

Wearing a leotard, tights, and of course leg warmers, I would try my best to get my knees up over my head and reach my ears, just like Jane.

My love of fitness had been sparked and the seed had been planted.

As a teenager I was very active. I was on the high school dance team, and danced for a private company. When I was not practicing for dance I would workout to whatever fitness fad video was out at the time, or go for a run.

My desire to stay in shape soon became an obsession. This wasn’t a good thing.

I no longer worked out to stay fit, it was all about the need to lose weight and it was never enough.

Proper nutrition was nonexistent. I tried to survive off of rice cakes and weight-loss shakes, relying on diet pills to suppress my appetite.

My workout regimen was more abusive to my body than beneficial. This left me exhausted, and with constant headaches.

It was during this period in my life that I began to have severe mood swings. I was barely getting by in school and I stopped dancing. Isolating myself from family and friends became a comfortable coping mechanism.

I eventually reached a breaking point and was hospitalized. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder; but with that diagnosis I could finally see a glimmer of hope, because it helped put my past behaviors into perspective.

But it would be some time before I would be ‘ok’.

After graduating high school I continued to struggle with uncontrollable mood swings. I attempted college, but felt too consumed by the obstacles I was battling. I had lost all hope and dropped out.

I accepted a job in a restaurant waiting tables and resigned myself to settle for an empty existence. Numb, from self-medicating and emotional eating, I was unaware of the 30 pounds I gained within one year.

Along this path of destruction, I met my future husband, and with him, I was given the greatest gift, my daughter.

I refused to sabotage her life as I sabotaged my own and I stopped all substance abuse. Being responsible for another life can make you change very quickly.

Although joyful over the arrival of my daughter I was still filled with fear; pregnancy proved to be too mentally taxing. Food became my main source of comfort and I gained an additional 50 pounds through the duration of the pregnancy.

I did not escape postpartum emotionally unscathed, I had rapid mood swing episodes; more intense than I had previously experienced. However having a family now, presented me a with a new perspective.

I chose to take action and sought out professional help. I was properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I could finally begin my path to mental health recovery and start to heal.

Having gained true mental clarity I realized I was capable of more than I had settled for.

I became a medical assistant specializing in the front office. Feeling like myself again, I began to rebuild my life incorporating healthy rituals, this time out of love for myself. This is a big difference as compared to doing things because of self-loathing.

I taught myself as much as I could about nutrition and exercise; I used this knowledge to train myself losing 50 pounds, and reshaping my thought patterns.

With an improved quality of life I could see my limitless possibilities. Each day I’d continue to reach for more.

I had been working in the healthcare field for several years at this point. Constantly surrounded by illness, I was reminded of how paramount physical and mental health is.

That really opened my eyes and I discovered my purpose. I was meant to share what I had learned, and help other women find themselves and reach their highest potential on their path to health and wellness.

That spark I had felt years ago as a young girl was reignited.

I took possession of the purpose I had discovered, and through dedication, I achieved my personal training certification, specializing in weight loss management.

A little over one year later I was given the most amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of joining the Coaching Team at SCULPTAFIT.

After speaking with Joey and Nikki and completing my first session, I could see why all of the women were so happy.

I knew this was where I belonged and where I was needed. It is a blessing to be in an environment where I can work in line with my values and help others reach levels of better health, higher quality of life, and a more joyful enthusiasm for daily life.

I am thankful for all of my lived experiences, as they have shaped me into the person I am, and those experiences have brought me to you.

It fills my heart to be a part of your personal journey.

You are not alone in this.

Corinne Dean

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