Day 8 – A special wellness/fitness gift for you

7-Day Tone at Home Session #8 is actually something different. It’s a special surprise gift for YOU, from Joey and The SCULPTAFIT Team:

Today – we give you a digital copy of Joey’s first book, ‘Fatness to Fitness’ – which hit the #1 spot in Fitness, Exercise and Nutrition categories on the day it was released (see below), several years ago.

'Fatness to Fitness' Hits #1 Best-Seller List Within 5 Hours of Release

‘Fatness to Fitness’ Hits #1 Best-Seller List Within 5 Hours of Release

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Even though Joey is working on his next book (SCULPT YOU H.O.T.), his first book, ‘Fatness to Fitness’, still contains several timeless pieces of advice, wisdom and guidance – that you can benefit from TODAY.

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Joey Atlas of SCULPTAFIT
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