Nikki Doherty

nikkiWe’ve probably never met, but I am so excited for you! You’ve found SCULPTAFIT and are about to experience wellness like no other. Welcome aboard!

I know you’re on a personal fitness journey—it’s yours, and it’s unlike anyone else’s. One day when you look back on your struggles, your victories, and everything in-between, you’ll realize it all brought you here today.

It’s a fitness philosophy and culture that finally makes sense, and finally results in that sustainable change, those elusive improvements you’ve been looking for.

And I can’t wait to be part of your new beginning!

I hold a few different certifications in personal training, have taught a multitude of group fitness classes, and specialize in fighting obesity and disease.

While I’ve been athletic from a young age—I have my father who wished for a boy to thank for that!—my true journey to health and wellness didn’t begin until about 2010 when I was given a full soccer scholarship to Nicholls State University, a small Division One school located in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

Full of excitement and nerves, I made the 10-hour drive to my new school where I knew no one, in a state I’d never even visited. The season started fast, littered with two-a-day training sessions and little room for anything but soccer, a bit of school, and minimal sleep. I gained FOURTEEN pounds that year.

Fourteen pounds of weight gain is an insane amount, considering I was training at least three hours a day and was one of the top performers on my team. The gain was largely due to the school cafeteria food, lack of sleep, and an increase in stress.

My a-ha moment arrived when I went home for the holidays and my mom gently suggested we go out to look for new jeans, because what I was wearing didn’t work anymore.

That was the wakeup call I needed, and the moment I realized that while I was active, I wasn’t taking care of my health.

I didn’t feel good in the skin I was in. I would pound my body with intense workouts and follow it up with massive amounts of food. I started paying more attention to what I put into my body, as well as how I would feel in the workouts I did.
Quickly, I started to shed the excess “fluff” when I started putting in quality nutrition and structuring my workouts to become more effective as an athlete. By my sophomore year I had lost all the weight, had placed first in all of our fitness competitions, and late that year was named the youngest Team Captain to date.

Things were going great, but I started to sense a shift in my paradigm. I started looking forward more to our “fitness fun days” of practices, rather than our normal soccer training days.

My coach quickly allowed me to structure the workouts for these fitness days, as he saw I had a natural talent for designing effective and safe training sessions that would help our team get faster and stronger. I took on a job at the university gym teaching a core group fitness class and started training friends, classmates, and at times professors who were looking to get in better shape.

While my fitness was soaring, my soccer skills took a back seat. During my last two years of playing soccer, I struggled with loss of passion for the sport. I was no longer interested in chasing the soccer ball and really wanted to focus on how I could come up with new ways to improve existing exercises.

As my touch on the ball began to decline and I started to sit on the bench much more frequently, my coach sat me down and had a talk. He suggested I stop doing my own workouts in the mornings before we had afternoon practice, as it seemed I was lethargic during his practices. I took his advice, which came from a genuine place on his part to see me improve, but found that it caused my skill level to drop even further.

I learned such a valuable lesson through that time. My morning workouts made me genuinely and truly happy. I was in my element and doing what I loved to do!

When I gave up those morning workouts for the soccer practices that were expected of me but that I’d lost my passion for, I found myself in a downward spiral. I spent the rest of my time on the team trying to enjoy my teammates and the experience as much as possible, but counting down the days until I no longer had to lace up my cleats.

After graduating it was over a year for me to even have the desire to touch a soccer ball again.  The lesson I learned: find what makes you happy. If you find that truly, hold on to it. Find ways to integrate it into your life, and don’t settle for others expectations of what you should be and how you should be doing things.

When you’re in harmony with yourself, you’ll find a peace that will radiate in all aspects of your life. When you go against it, it’s much easier to feel stressed.

Fast forward a few years, to when I heard Joey was opening a new fitness studio ‘for women only’.

I have known Joey for just around 10 years. His son and my brother grew up together and played on the same soccer team. I would bug him to join in on the workouts he would do while the boys were practicing and, even with youth on my side, he would kick my butt. As the team got older, and I was able to grow in the way I would think and see the world, Joey would give me fitness advice every time I came home from college. It was gold.

When I heard about SCULPTAFIT I immediately gave him a call and said I wanted in. I may not have known at the time what SCULPTAFIT was all about, but I knew Joey and knew that his unique expertise would carry this into something big. After speaking we set up a time to go through a sample SCULPTAFIT session, to experience what would take place in the studio with our future female clients.

After about half an hour of the SCULPTAFIT method, I felt stimulation in places I’d never felt before! The approach and exercises were so gentle but SO MUCH more effective, and done in a shorter amount of time.

The SCULPTAFIT method, the culture, and the design, are like no other I have ever seen.

I fell in love with this unique method and have incorporated it into my own fitness training. I was hooked from my first session and if you’re anything like me, you will be too.

I’m so glad you’re here. Our SCULPTAFIT family is ever-growing, and before you know it you’ll be immersed in the culture we call home.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you get off to the right start for YOU,

Nikki Doherty
SCULPTAFIT Director of ‘Smooth’ Operations