Total Body Stretch Routines

These are the PERFECT routines to help:

1 – Improve flexibility
2 – Enhance recovery between Studio Sessions
3 – Reduce aches and pains of life, aging and previous injuries
4 – Improve range of motion, energy and agility
5 – Raise levels of performance in all areas of life

You can this routine DAILY if you wish – but certainly beneficial to get in 2-3 times a week. The nice thing is you have the option to do the long routine (total about 45 minutes); or you can do the condensed version on days you might be pressed for time:

1 – “Short” Total-Body Stretch Routine (about 12 minutes)

2 – “Long Version” Total-Body Stretch Routine: PART 1 (22 mins)

3 – “Long Version” Total-Body Stretch Routine: PART 2 (23 mins)