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Joey Atlas of SCULPTAFIT
I’m Joey Atlas, Founder and Chief Enhancement Orchestrator of SCULPTAFIT, and I want to thank you for connecting today…

The SCULPTAFIT Team is looking forward to meeting you soon. We are aiming to be open April 1st and will be hosting a Pre-Opening Party in March. So… Once we have the next update – we’ll be sure to send it to you.

Many local women are signing up to be on this list, as there is growing excitement for the SCULPTAFIT Studio that will soon be open…

If you have a friend who is interested in taking care of herself in the most efficient, and rewarding way possible – then please do share the VIP link with her:

You can share it via email – or via facebook – whichever you prefer. And please do stop by the Official SCULPTAFIT Facebook page and say “Hi”. The direct link is just a little lower – scroll down and you can’t miss it 🙂