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“That which gets measured gets improved.”

In science, we measure and test everything. We find out what works and what doesn’t. And then we keep using what works!

The same is true in fitness and sports science. Today’s technology allows us to measure everything going on in the human body – and thereby optimize the effectiveness of every single action you take and effort you make for reaching your fitness goals.

But by far the most important measurement you can undergo – on a constant basis, while you work out – is monitoring and measuring your HEART RATE.

Your heart, after all, is the main “pump” that keeps all your blood flowing throughout your body at the proper rate and pressure.

If your heart isn’t healthy, you’re not healthy!

That’s why we carefully check to see what your heart rate measurements are telling us.

we-use-heart-rate-monitorAre you in the “safe” or “normal” range?

Or perhaps the “danger” zone?

It’s important to know!

And while you’re working out, that’s the best time to take these measurements.

With your own personal trainer by your side to interpret the results for you, you can see what you need to do immediately if there are danger signs.

Or, if you’re in the “normal” and “healthy” range, you’ll be able to see what you can do to take your fitness to a new level – knowing you’re doing it safely and sensibly.

There are all kinds of good reasons to undergo heart rate monitoring while you’re working out.

And at Prime Performance, we specialize in making sure your heart is at it’s tip-top best, all the time.

Join us by becoming a member – and getting your heart health from where it is right now… to where you want it to be!

Benefits of Heart Rate Monitoring


  • screen480x480Keeps you motivated as you watch the calories burn
  • Improve your performance and fitness by keeping you at the correct intensity for the correct amount of time.
  • Correct training leads to better recovery.
  • The payoff of your routine is much more clear
  • You become more inspired when you see results
  • You become more educated about your training

Vigorous exercise might yield greater health benefits than moderate workouts. A heart-rate monitor can help you track the intensity and make sure you don’t go too far outside your target zone. We offer heart rate monitoring services for those clients that want to keep track of there results and see the progress. In our PrimeHit program clients burn on average of 500 to 1000 calories. Its a fun intense workout hour. You will not find another workout in the area that will yield these results.

What These All Mean to You:

You’ll get invaluable information on how hard you and your heart are really working, and where you need to be to achieve maximum results!

Our heart rate monitoring program provides you with added motivation, accurate caloric burn levels, and the insight you need to ensure you’re working not just harder, but smarter.

By precisely measuring your heart rate and following a routine based on interval heart rate training, you’re optimizing your fitness program. Track your intensity and stay within your target zone to torch calories and produce phenomenal results.

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