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A Totowa CrossFit Level One Trainer Can Help You Condition

If you love a good workout challenge or simply want to build your strength and endurance, a Totowa CrossFit level one trainer can help you with one of the most challenging types of workouts used today. CrossFit training can make your body ready for any challenge it may face. Many military operations and police academies use it to prepare their participants for the real world and any danger they may face. However, you don’t have to be buff to benefit from CrossFit training. A trainer will scale down the workout to match your level of fitness.

CrossFit training uses the same program for everyone.

You might be a novice to working out and the thought of a rigorous and difficult routine may scare you. You don’t have to worry. While the training is the same for everyone, a personal trainer will identify your level of fitness, and then scale the intensity and load to fit your needs. If the exercises use weights, the trainer may suggest the lightest weight and fewer reps. If an injury prevents you from doing a specific move, the trainer may substitute an alternate move.

There are several sections to each CrossFit workout.

Sessions start with a dynamic warm up that contains stretches and mobility moves to prepare you for the day’s workout. You won’t use machines but do exercises such as lunges, jumping jacks or squats that improve the mobility of the areas you’ll use for the day’s workout. Next, you do either skill or strength training, then move on to the Workout of the Day—WOD—which is doing as many reps of a specific exercise as you can within a time limit or doing a specific number of reps as fast as you can. Either way it pushes you to move fast. The last section is the cool down and stretching portion.

A CrossFit trainer can help you identify your fitness level and push you to work at your maximum.

Nobody said CrossFit training would be easy. It’s not for those who want to specialize or train for a specific sport but it does provide overall fitness and a trainer can scale it to your level. You’ll benefit from using personal training particularly during the speed section. When you’re going fast, it’s too easy to use improper form and a trainer can help.
CrossFit provides a great alternative method of training to help avoid boredom.
You’ll get a thorough workout during CrossFit training.
If you like to push yourself to the maximum, schedule a time with a personal trainer to experience CrossFit training.
A personal trainer can vary the routines so you exercise every part of your body.

    “Top Notch Trainer”

    “If you are looking for a personal trainer who will cater training to your personal goals, look no further. Jose is well educated in his field and always challenges himself to learn and teach more to his clients. As a client for over 3 years, I have learned a considerable amount from Jose including, alternate ways to achieve my fitness goals. He is extremely professional and motivating!! A total class act!! I would absolutely recommend Jose to anyone and at any fitness level.”



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