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Dear Friend:

Are you sick and tired of fads and trends which don’t deliver on their promises?
Would you benefit from the knowledge, instruction and motivation of a certified trainer, without spending a fortune?
Do you want to get that six pack, tone your body, burn fat and build strength, all at the same time?

My name is Jose Ramos, and I’m the owner of Prime Performance Training Systems. I know all about the challenges of getting into shape, and living a healthy life.

That’s why for the past 10 years, I have helped my clients reach their greatest fitness goals thanks to a combination of personal attention, complete dedication, motivating and supportive group training sessions, and cutting edge workout techniques and solutions designed for maximum success.

Today, at Prime Performance, we’re proud to showcase our kettlebell training classes and workouts. Kettlebell training offers something for everyone, and you’ll see that real results will be delivered in less time than ever before.

No matter who you are, our kettlebell training programs will work wonders. Blast away fat, build functional, total body strength, and get the body you’ve always craved.

  • Torch calories and burn excess fat with quick, challenging workouts
  • Build strength and tone your body, targeting all of your muscles – from your butt and legs, to your abs and arms
  • Feel sexy, be healthy, and boost your energy and confidence to higher levels than ever

With Prime Performance Training Systems, you’ll receive a training experience unlike anything you’ve ever had in the past. We offer personalized consultations and programs designed to meet your goals, along with individual attention and coaching.

In addition, you’ll also benefit from a fun and supportive group environment and social setting. Everyone pushes each other to help stay on track, work hard, and enjoy success.

Combine that customized, personal attention and that environment with the challenging, high intensity workouts we utilize in our kettlebell training sessions, and it’s a winning, results-driven system that makes all the difference for you and your health.




Semi-Private Personal Training in North Jersey

Kettlebell Training at Prime Performance

  • Small group sessions deliver both individualized attention and fun, social, supportive setting
  • Customized plans and assessments
  • High intensity kettlebell routines target total body strength while blasting away excess fat
  • Quick, fun workout sessions
  • Certified and experienced trainers
  • Affordable pricing, money back guarantee and free trials, all in one!

Prime Performance Kettlebell Training

Standard Gyms or Workout Classes

  • Cutting edge kettlebell exercises and routines
  • Total body strength training, toning and fat burning in one
  • Fun, supportive setting with individual coaching attention
  • Boring exercises and routines you’ve been doing for years
  • Focus on only one body part or one goal at a time
  • Intimidating, too-large groups without support or attention

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30 Day Money back guarantee

Our kettlebell training program can and will get you into fantastic shape. That’s why we’re proud to offer a 30 day money back guarantee for all of our new clients. If you’re not happy with the results after a month, you get your money back, it’s that easy and there’s no risk to get started today.

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Remember, Prime Performance is the anti-gym. We are 100% committed to you, and helping you reach your goals. We deliver real results as quickly as possible, and we help our clients live a healthier life in and out of the gym.

When you’re ready to see amazing health and fitness success, then it’s time to give the best kettlebell training sessions in North Jersey a try.

Unlock the power of the kettlebell with our innovative, cutting-edge techniques, as you blast away fat, get lean and toned, and build total body strength. You’ll have more confidence, you’ll feel great, and you look great too.


Jose Ramos
Prime Performance Training Systems

PS. Getting started with a new training program can seem risky. However, with our money back guarantee, our free trials, our already low prices, and our fun and supportive training groups, there’s really no reason to delay! Give us a call and sign up for our kettlebell classes, you’ll thank us later!

Kettlebell Group Classes are taught by certified StrongFirst Instructors (SFG) who are certified by Pavel Tsatsouline, the founder of the U.S Kettlebell Revolution.Kettlebell training is a fantastic way to develop mobility,  resilience, core strength, fat loss, strength and power. You will get into better shape than you ever imagined by attending our classes. Our endurance athletes are running faster, martial artists fighting harder and longer, and busy professionals are blasting through their day with added stamina and strength. Kettlebell training is for EVERYONE. From the overweight and sedentary individual, to the new mom looking to lose fat or the athlete wanting to increase power and performance, the key is having the right coach and a supportive environment.

There is no other program like ours in the area. Besides our high level of professional education and unparalleled experience, we boast

the top SFG Kettlebell instructors in Totowa NJ Area. As k

ettlebells gain popularity in the states, despite their ancient history

, many trainers are beginning to incorporate them into their programs. However, a kettlebell instructor who is not certified RKC is not to be trusted!
Prior To attending one of our kettlebell classes it is mandatory all students enroll in our introduction class Foundations to Kettlebell training

*Classes are performed in bare feet or flat-soled shoes like Vibrams or Converse Chuck Taylors
* We welcome groups of athletes, fire company’s, first aid squad, or police departments. Prime Performance will design a program to meet the needs of your organization.


Kettlebell Introduction Class

To ensure the safety of our students, and to maintain as appropriate pace to our group training, all students are required to take our Kettlebell Introduction Class prior to joining a regular class. This class will cover the foundation exercises and essential techniques that will be used in our classes, focusing on how to perform them safely and properly. Included in the cost of this class will be a free week trial period of regular classes. The Foundations to kettlebell training class will be approximately 1.5 hours. Pre-registration is required. Click HERE to register now. See the schedule page for more details on how to access that.


Kettleball Group Training

Kettlebell group training sessions use the kettlebell, Suspension trainers and other tools to increase core stability, mobility, strength, power and conditioning. We focus on the correction of movement patterns and correct exercise at all times. This class is great for anyone looking to burn body fat, build lean mass, get stronger and move better. We cover all aspects of training in this class including how to properly perform the squat, dead lift, pull up, press, kettlebell swing, Turkish get up, etc. Although this is labeled a Kettlebell Training as a “class” it’s truly a customized environment in which each and every individual is working at their skill level within their limitations. After completing the Intro Program, beginners can integrate easily into the group environment due to our meticulous attention to detail and the unique format of the group program. Classes are limited to 8 participants, which allows us a fun yet intimate environment.