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Positive Mindset Training

We are experts in motivation and changing the way that you think about going to the gym. Our trainers will keep you accountable and get you ready to progress each session. Take care of your body and your body will take care of your mind.

Forrest Folen is the owner of Way of Life Fitness. He is proud the be the owner of a business that has helped hundreds of people discover a healthier mindset across Northern and Southern California. For him it took hitting rock bottom to realize that he needed to make a serious change.

It was at this point that he received the advice that “If you take care of your body, your body will take care of your mind”. After beginning his fitness journey he found this statement to be true and has transformed his life. Discover how exercise can help decrease your stress and make you feel confident again.

Restore balance


You can’t exercise away poor nutrition. Our experts will help you create a meal plan that will allow you to meet your fitness goals. This is not a diet. We will teach you the strategies professionals use so that you can take control of what you eat.

We do not use the same plan over and over. It is easy to see why each individual requires their own meal plan so that they can achieve a healthier life. Every person is unique. Different levels of fitness, eating habits, desired goals and families health history all play a role in determining what you should be eating.

Did you know that of the 150 plants that supply the world’s food supply over 75% of it comes from just 12 plants? I think we can do better than that. Variety is the spice of life and you deserve a more seasoned life. Think about texture and nutrients when making a swap and you can really open up your world to a more exciting menu.

Create a community

Our goal is to create a community. Most of the time this is achieved by the amazing people that show up for our group sessions. They are fun, energetic and ready to work. We design our program to meet all levels of fitness.
Social support systems get us through a lot of things. They act like buffers between us and tough situations. Chances are, our families or those we eat with most often have many of the same eating habits that we do.

When going with a long term approach, you want to be making lots of small gradual changes and that’s much easier to do when those you eat with are doing it with you. If you shop for and prepare the meals, you have a lot of control in that part of your life.

Tell people what you are doing. Chances are they need a buddy to encourage them too. Healthy food choices are contagious in the workplace. I’ve seen people recipe swapping or even lunch sharing, where a group will take turns bringing in healthy lunches for the group. It’s a great way to build momentum to keep you going on your journey to healthy living.

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