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Start your workout program right at a Louisville KY boot camp. Personal trainers run boot camps, so you know you’ll get a workout backed by the latest scientific research. You also know that you’ll have an individualized workout program created especially for your goals, special needs, such as physical limitations, and based on your fitness level. Before the workout begins, the trainer assesses your overall fitness in all areas; endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. He or she identifies weaker muscle groups too. Only then does the trainer create an individualized program for you.

While everyone may look like they’re following the same workout, each person’s will be different.

The boot camp style workout may have everyone doing something similar, but if you look closely, you’ll notice not everything is the same. Some people will be doing more repetitions, some will do the workout faster and with more intensity and some will actually be doing a modified form of the exercise. Each person has his or her own goal, which is tough, but still safely within that person’s capability.

Some boot camps provide important dietary help.

Whether you’re trying to shed pounds or just want to look and feel healthier, eating right is important. Just like exercise, eating healthy the base, but modified for each person based on that person’s preference and need. Eating healthy isn’t dieting, but making smarter choices in foods to reduce caloric intake, if necessary, reduce harmful chemicals and improve available nutrition. Processed foods often have additives that play havoc on your body and only provide empty calories. Making every bite count toward a healthier you is what healthy eating is all about. Whether the trainer is certified or licensed as a dietitian or whether they work with one, the boot camps that offer this service are the best ones to get fit fast.

So how could sweating and working hard be enjoyable?

That’s one question a lot of people ask. It doesn’t seem right, but it is. Everyone is struggling to achieve goals at a boot camp, so everyone understands how tough it is. The top performer may actually be the couch potato that puts in extra effort, while the truly fit person who thought they’d skate through is still struggling to achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter, everyone is supportive and you’ll often hear words of encouragement and hear congratulatory hoots.

– Boot camps cost far less than private sessions, but you still get all the benefits of trainer. That’s because everyone shares the cost of the trainer’s time.

– The first few weeks will tough and you’ll be tired. After a week or two, you’ll notice you have more energy than you ever expected. The harder you workout, the more your energy levels increase.

– If you’ve had a horrible stressful day, you’ll really appreciate your workout. Exercise burns off all the hormones created by stress and leaves you feeling far happier and relaxed.

– Not only does a boot camp provide friendship and support, the group and the trainer provide extra motivation to stick with the program.

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