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If you’re tired, overweight and feel awful all the time, the first thing you need to do is see your health care provider. Once you know there’s no physical problem, except excess pounds, then it’s time to see a personal trainer in Clarksville. Personal trainers help you get back into shape with a program of exercise designed especially for your needs. The trainer assesses your overall fitness in all areas, flexibility, endurance, balance and strength. He or she learns about any special needs, such as physical limitations, like back problems and finds out what your goals are. Only then does the trainer design a personalized program for you.

Some trainers are also certified in nutritional needs.

Not all trainer have licensing in nutrition, but if you find one that is, you’re lucky. There may be many titles, registered dietitian is one of them. These trainers provide an additional advantage by giving you help learning to eat healthier. While exercising is important, so is eating nutritious food that’s good for you and lower in calories. It’s not like dieting, where you’re restricted to specific foods. Instead, you’ll learn how to eat healthier by making changes in your eating habits, such as having fresh fruit available for mid-afternoon or mid-morning snacks. You’ll be able to eat anywhere and even eat some of your favorites, as long as you keep portion control in mind. Unlike diets, healthy eating is a way of life and never ends.

Trainers track your progress.

Tracking your progress is important, whether it’s when you’re working out, eating or on the scales. You don’t always see how far you’ve come without looking at a record of where you started, since changes occur slowly, not overnight. Trainers also track your progress so they know when to adjust the workout, making it more difficult as your fitness level improves.

You’ll not only see your body tone and slim, you’ll notice other changes, too.

Exercise makes you look more toned and thinner. It also adds a bounce to your walk. Both will make you look and feel younger. However, it does so much more. Both healthy eating and a program of exercise can help your complexion look younger and even boost your energy level. People will start to see the difference, but won’t be able to pinpoint what’s different unless they haven’t seen you for a while.

– Your posture improves when you workout regularly, so it gives you a look of confidence that commands respect. You’ll actually feel more confident.

– When you workout regularly, it helps you live longer and healthier. One study showed that for every minute you workout, you gain seven minutes of healthy life.

– You’ll sleep better at night when you workout regularly. Not only is adequate sleep heart healthy, it also helps prevent weight gain.

– Working out with a personal trainer provides motivation to stick with the program. Just knowing you’re meeting with a trainer will get you to the gym when you otherwise might skip it.

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