Best Wintery Date Nights

While it’s way too cold to go on a moonlit boat ride in the winter, there are still a lot of opportunities for great date nights that don’t involve a movie or dinner. Some of the best wintery date nights are free and give a great opportunity to get to know one another better or reignite the spark that brought you together in the first place. You can still bundle up on our winter nights and set out under the stars with a hot cup of coffee or cocoa and talk about anything and everything, even though boating on water may be a bit too chilly.

Let’s get active!

Whether you decide to go for an indoor rock climb or do some indoor scuba diving, you can have an active date. It’s fun for both short term and longer term relationships. Taking a long brisk walk to a favorite restaurant, have a nice meal and walk home, or go for an afternoon walk in the woods with a basket full of healthy foods for a bite along the way. Wait for a sunny day for the picnic. It can be a fun impromptu date night. Indoor ice skating is also fun.

Make a romantic and healthy dinner together.

Find a few recipes you’d like to try and pick the best ones with your significant other. Shop together for the fresh ingredients, which can be a fun date in itself, especially at a farmer’s market where you know the food is best. Don’t forget to get fresh herbs and all the spices you need. Most healthy dishes have a few more of those, which helps reduce the amount of salt and sugar in the dish. The cooking can be fun and eating it by candlelight sets the mood for the rest of the evening.

Make a date night a home project.

These can be fun and leave you with something special for your home. Of course, this type of date night is only for couples that actually live together. Don’t make the project your normal type, like cleaning out a room or something that looks too much like work. Make it fun, such as painting a room or creating a piece of furniture for the home. It can be especially good if you both have office jobs. You’ll look forward to doing something more tangible where you can see the results. You can make it a two date night project, one to plan and get the materials and the other to do the project.

  • Go to a sporting event and be a spectator, cheering on your favorite team for the win.
  • Enjoy the local culture, watch the stars, learn about history or watch Mother Nature at work under the sea. Museums, whether art or history, planetariums and aquariums make a wonderful date location.
  • Take a class together. You may learn a craft or how to do small repairs on your car or around the house. Find something that interests both of you and learn it together.
  • Make it game night at home. Whether you play Monopoly or other board game, make sure the kids are at Grandma’s so it’s just the two of you.

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