Fall In Love With Taking Care Of Yourself

If you’ve become the victim of negative self-talk because of the weight you’ve gained or failure to get fit, you need to change your thinking. You need to fall in love with taking care of yourself. Negative thoughts don’t help you achieve your goals, they just make it worse. Instead of punishing yourself daily for gaining the weight, start thinking of yourself as someone that needs your support and love to help conquer the problem. Treat yourself as good as you’d treat a family member or a stranger and have the same compassion.

Some people fail to start workouts because they’re busy taking care of other’s needs.

You’ve probably thought or at least heard someone tell you, “who’s going to take care of you?” That may not have made an impact, particularly if you’re a super mom or dad who wants only the best for their family. Instead, consider this. Who is going to take care of your family if you’re out of the picture, sick, disabled or even dead? When you take care of yourself by eating healthy and working out regularly, you’ll help prevent serious conditions and stay healthier to finish the work you started.

Still not convinced you need to take time out to get healthy?

Getting healthier by making lifestyle changes takes a little time from your schedule, which can be difficult if you’re already stretched to the max. However, it does something amazing, too. It helps you work longer by giving you more stamina and often work faster. It also helps your cognitive processes so you’ll think faster too and paperwork will be done quicker. You’ll not only do better at work, you’ll also get chores at home done more quickly. The time you save not only allows you to workout, but also have time and energy for fun activities with the family.

You’ll improve work performance.

Everyone has to make a living or has a specific job or task to accomplish on a daily basis. If you’re a domestic goddess, your work will go quicker and you’ll have the “guilty pleasure” of time for yourself. If you’re employed outside the home, you’ll do better at work and may even get a promotion or raise that will make your life better. If you aren’t at the job you love, your confidence will be high enough to find one you love and probably at a higher wage. Taking care of yourself has its benefits, which you receive and those that extend to your family.

Nobody wants to be a burden in their senior years and you can reduce the chances of that happening. Studies show that for every minute you workout, you get seven extra minutes of a healthy life.

Taking care of yourself means you’ll have self-respect and that shows. Others will feel the difference and treat you with respect.

When you choose to appreciate yourself, you set into action the ability to take charge of your own life. It helps you break out of your shell and start taking chances for a better life.

Taking care of yourself helps you teach your children to take care of their own health. You become the example they follow for a healthier lifestyle.

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