Get Rid Of Your Fall Flab

Halloween is over and that’s the only day of the year that bat wings are appropriate. It’s time to work on more than just your upper arms, too. If you’ve let your body go for a while and now have arms and legs that look like jelly, not to mention a midsection to match it, it’s time to get rid of your fall flab and get back into shape. You’ll be ready to bring in the New Year with a beautiful body and loads of energy. You’ll even be able to wear short sleeves without worrying about the fluttering bat wings.

Get fast results with HIIT

HIIT—High-Intensity Interval training—burns calories quickly and turns mushy muscle rock hard. You won’t build big bulging muscle tissue, but have a toned sinewy look of lean muscle mass. You get more of a workout with just 15 minutes of HIIT training than you would if you were on a treadmill for an hour. It’s just that efficient. Our exercise stacking makes each exercise build on the previous one to get the quickest results and eliminate the flab quickly.

Sometimes weight loss causes flab if you don’t workout while you’re doing it.

You may not need to lose weight. In fact, weight loss may be the reason for the flab. You may have lost lean muscle mass rather than fat, which often happens when you dieted, but never exercised. That’s not a problem. It won’t take long before the combination of healthy eating and regular exercise changes that too flabby tummy or those Jello-like thighs into a toned, sleek area that doesn’t jiggle when you walk.

It’s time to get active and sooner is better than later.

As you age, your body undergoes many changes. Most of these changes start in your 30s. The lost of muscle mass and function is called sarcopenia and often comes from aging. If you’re physically inactive, it can mean a loss of 3 to 5% of muscle mass every decade. That’s another cause of flabbiness, but you can prevent it and even reverse it with strength training. It’s time to turn back the clock and start your program to fight the flab and get the svelte look you’ve always wanted.

  • You get more than just toned muscles when you workout. You also boost your immune system and reduce the risk of serious conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and some forms of cancer.
  • Not only will you reverse muscle loss when you exercise, you’ll be building stronger bones too. Exercise helps slow and even reverse the progress of bone loss that can cause osteoporosis.
  • While spot exercises won’t eliminate the fat from specific areas, it does cause you to lose fat from all parts of the body and tone the muscles to provide a more attractive appearance.
  • You need a healthy diet to shed pounds and help build muscles in the process. We can help you with nutritional training too.

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