Healthy Weekend Activities

While it might not sound like a great activity, getting up at your normal time and getting weekend tasks completed will not only free you for fun things, but also maintain your biological clock and sleep schedule. It gives you time for other healthy weekend activities that will help you stay fit, while having fun. Shifting your sleep schedule just one hour increases the risk of heart disease by 11 percent.

Plan something outdoors.

Whether it’s a walk to the park with the kids, a day of hiking, bike riding or sight seeing walk to appreciate the historic buildings on Main Street, plan to spend some time outdoors in the sun. It’s the best if you go to a natural setting and soak in the atmosphere Mother Nature provides. Studies show that spending time in natural settings makes people happier and soaking in the sun’s rays boosts the production of vitamin D. If you live near the shoreline or on a lake and the weather is right for it, spending time near water can also be quite relaxing.

Plan meals ahead and spend a few hours cooking them for the whole week.

Unless you love cooking, it may not sound like much fun, but it can be. Get the kids involved to make a week’s worth of make ahead healthy meals, so all you have to do during the work week is heat them. It may take a few hours, but you’ll only have to clean the kitchen once and you’ll be done. Not only will it save you time, it will save you money too, especially if you’re often tempted to pick up carry out. If you love experimenting with healthy cooking, this could be the time to get adventurous.

Enjoy everything that McKinney has to offer.

Whether you take a walk around town or go visit Chestnut Square, there’s a lot to see in McKinney. Too often we spend vacations visiting other towns for their historic value, when there’s plenty of that close to home. Take the kids to the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary where they can get in touch with nature, walk the butterfly and bird gardens and learn as everyone gets exercise on the paths.

  • Enjoy sprucing up the house. Nothing makes you feel better than painting a room, creating a garden or organizing a room. Pick just one project that can be done in a day.
  • Save one day for fun. If you spend all day Saturday, fixing meals, cleaning and doing chores, make sure Sunday is strictly fun for you and the family.
  • Take some time to get together with others. Socializing is important to your health. It lowers the risk of depression and helps improve mental skills.
  • Make one day a non-tech day. Put your computers away and turn off the TV. Those iPhones should be shut off too. Spend a day with just conversation and family fun.

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