How To Stay Healthy On Vacation

A vacation should be a time to relax, enjoy yourself and get away from it all. However, there are some things you should still do and one of those is to stay healthy on vacation. Sticking with your workout, eating healthy and getting adequate sleep should be at the top of the list. You shouldn’t come home feeling more frazzled than when you left. Start with your sleep schedule. Get up at the same time you would normally awaken.

Plan to stay fit and healthy.

Just like you’ve probably planned for the hotel and checked the route to your destination, you need to create a plan for both eating and exercising. The internet is packed with information on restaurants everywhere. You can find ones that serve the type of healthy food you want and use those for your meals. If you are going to a cottage or lake property, locate the local farmer’s market to find the freshest fruits and vegetables and plan your meals ahead. You don’t have to take everything along, just the spices (premeasured of course) and any other dry ingredients you need.

Look for local activities that involve walking or other type of physical exercise.

You’ll be amazed at what some of the towns have. Bike rentals have become quite popular and places that feature water sports often have canoe and kayak rental. You might even rent a surfboard and try surfing. Walking to see the sights provides great exercise and if the area is loaded with things to see, probably more than you’re getting at home.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

No matter how well you plan a trip, things go wrong….sometimes incredibly wrong. That’s when you need to take a tip from a friend of mine who tells of her misadventures with glee. If everything has hit the fan, then her first words are, “what a great story this will make.” That puts everyone at ease as they throw in suggestions of how to tell it. You won’t make everything go right by getting stressed and only make yourself miserable. Instead, start planning how you’ll tell your friends this episode.

Take along your own snacks on the trip and make them healthy ones.

Cut back on cocktails. If you’re going to drink, limit it to one a day.

Before you go, have your personal trainer workout a program of exercise using body weight and/or resistance bands. You’ll have all the equipment you need without taking much luggage space.

Make sure you have a mini refrigerator in your room If you’re in a hotel and pick up local produce. You can slice and dice your own healthy snacks in your room.

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