Make Fitness Fun

Your jaw is set, teeth are clenched, you’re going to get this run (you can substitute any exercise you hate for this one) out of the way. You’re going to do it! You’ve got your shoes on and are ready to head out the door. The telephone rings. Thank heavens, it’s Aunt Bessie. She talks forever. All your plans for that workout today are out the window as you sit nodding on the phone, listening to the latest scoop. If you find this scenario typical of your plans to exercise, you’re doing it wrong. You need to make fitness fun or even the best laid plans will fly out the window and you’ll be right back where you started.

Group exercising is often more fun that working out alone.

You knew I was going to mention this at some point, didn’t you? As a personal trainer, I love helping people and getting them excited about exercising again. Not only do I provide a varied routine that will keep their heads in the game, I also track their progress and record their goals, so they have something to shoot for and a way to know if they’ve reached that goal. Seriously, just making a goal and tracking your progress is a huge way to make the workout more fun. Varying it, of course, takes the monotony out of it.

There’s no doubt about it, if you workout with a group, you’re more likely to go. First, the group becomes your conscience and holds you accountable because

they know when you’ve skipped a session. Most importantly, it’s just more fun with a group. There’s loads of comradery and if you’re working out with a personal trainer, nobody feels left behind or bored. Consider a group boot camp or other type of sessions.

Do active things you enjoy as part of your workout program.

If you’d rather clean the toilet or scrub each tile in the kitchen by hand, rather than doing your workout, you need to change that workout—even if it’s only one or two days a week. Riding bikes, hula hooping, rock climbing or taking a hike with the kids could be an alternative and break the monotony of doing the same old thing. A night out dancing, where you dance to all the fast songs, not just the slow ones, is more than just fun, it’s great exercise too.

Consider working with a personal trainer.

  • Put on music and headphones and make your workout serve two purposes. Dance your way through household chores going at top speed. You’ll have a good workout and a super clean home.
  • Break your workout up to shorter sessions and do them throughout the day. Getting three fifteen minute workouts will do you as much good as one 45 minute one and they could be a great way to break the monotony or stress from other things in your day.
  • Find ways to squeeze extra “fit moments” into your day. Do exercises during commercials if you’re watching TV or jog in place while you’re waiting for that super slow download on the laptop. Use the stairs rather than the elevator at work for added exercise.
  • Learn something new or try a challenge. Whether you want to learn how to use battle ropes or kettlebells, it’s the fact it’s new that will hold your interest. You can also challenge a friend to a workout contest based on the amount of improvement each shows or the weight lost.

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