Make Perfect Green Smoothies

Anyone trying to eat healthier knows that it can be hard to create healthy meals that provide all the nutrients, as well as time consuming. Have you ever tried to make a green smoothie and found it simply wasn’t what you wanted? They’re quick and easy, plus can use up loads of left overs and will taste better if you follow this easy formula. To create a perfect green smoothie that tastes good, plus is good for you, you need to use 2 cups green leafy veggies, 2 cups liquid base, such as coconut water, water or almond milk and 3 cups of fresh fruit for that sweet taste that adds appeal.

Start with the liquid and leafy greens.

If you have ever created a smoothie by first throwing in the liquid and fruit, then adding the leafy veggies, you know that it’s hard to ensure all the vegetables are thoroughly blended and often come up with a big chunk of kale or spinach to chew. You can avoid it by blending the leafy greens with the liquid first. Only after it’s completely blended, do you add the fruit.

If you want it thick, you don’t have to add ice.

Whether you opt for fresh fruits or frozen ones, can make a big difference in the texture of the smoothie and also how simple it is to make. I buy frozen fruits to add to my smoothie when I want something quick. While it’s not as good as those fresh off the tree fruits, most people don’t have that type of fruit available and frozen is often fresher. Peel and chop your banana in one inch rounds and freeze it. Use frozen berries. Wash grapes and freeze them to add.

Add extras to beef up your smoothie.

  • Whether you’re adding nut butter—yum, fresh almond and cashew butter is tasty—chia seeds, protein powder, hemp seeds, flax seeds, nuts, spices or coconut oil, you’ll be giving your smoothie a boost of nutrition and also some added flavor. If you’re adding flax seeds, grind them first in a spice/coffee grinder. Flax seeds offer no benefit unless preground, since the body can’t break it down and it passes through the system without providing health benefits. Flaxseeds also go rancid quickly once you grind it, so grind only what you’ll use.
  • You can make a smoothie ahead and store it in the refrigerator for up to two days. Use an airtight lid for storage. Make it the night ahead and shake it up right before you use it. Green smoothies can be a great way to add nutrition to your diet and boost your energy level. Want better looking skin, add green smoothies to your diet. It also helps strengthen your immune system.
  • You’ll stay regular when you add green smoothies to your diet and help eliminate the bloat. They contain a lot of fiber, which helps your elimination system.

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