New Exercise Trends Aren’t Always That New

If you’re into fitness, you’re probably always interested in new exercise trends and the latest gadgets to make your workout better or at least more interesting. You’ll find many of the new trends aren’t really new, but recycled trends of the past. That’s because they aren’t a fad, but really work to help you get into shape faster than you thought possible. You’ll probably recognize many of these trends and may even be doing some of them. If they’re new to you, it’s time to get on the bandwagon and give a few of them a try.

HIIT is one of the more popular fitness trends.

It’s been around for a while, but has surged in popularity because HIIT—high intensity interval training—really works. Not only does it burn off pounds quickly, you don’t have to workout as long to get the same benefits of traditional workouts. That’s one of the reasons we use it here. HIIT combines a burst of maximum-effort for about 20 to 90 seconds, followed by a low-intensity recovery period, then you go back to maximum effort. As you improve, the length of recovery shortens or the high-intensity period grows longer.

Group training is becoming even more popular.

Not only does group training provide a lower cost method of getting the services of a personal trainer, it’s actually more fun. People in the group often provide a great deal of support for one another and you’ll often hear grunts and groans mixed with words of encouragement. While there are many types of training where you work in a group, not all group training is alike. When you work with a personal trainer, each person has his or her own goals, so nobody feels left behind or bored. Group training often provides far more motivation to continue than you’d get working out on your own.

Strength training has come into its own.

Sure, you still have cardio lovers that spend the entire morning on a stationary bike or run miles through the neighborhood, but strength training has become far more popular because of all the benefits it provides. When you do specific types of strength training, you can get a cardio workout and some flexibility training in the process. It boosts the metabolism by building muscle mass, which also slows the age related atrophy of that mass that can affect the heart and bones. Strength training is more popular with women, now that everyone realizes it won’t bulk them up, but will help them lose weight.

  • You can’t bring up new trends without mentioning the wearable technology that tracks heartbeat, steps and other fitness related information. Even fitness clothing has gone high tech with new fabrics and designs.
  • Bodyweight training has come back into the world of fitness with full force. It doesn’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere, even on the beach at sunrise.
  • Personal trainers that provide both exercise and dietary information are now more popular than ever. People are often lost when it comes to fitness and healthy eating and trainers are a good source of information.
  • Senior fitness programs now are gaining in popularity. Part of the reason is the increasing number of seniors, but the bulk of the reason is the information on how staying fit can prolong life and improve quality.

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