Spice Up Those Healthy Foods

You don’t have settle for rice cakes or food that tastes like cardboard or vitamins if you want to eat healthy. In fact, healthy foods can taste delicious, especially if you add a little spice. Here in McKinney, TX, most people love food that wakes up their taste buds. That’s why adding spice not only helps you keep eating healthier, it also adds nutrients that provide other health benefits. Cinnamon is one of my favorite additions to meats and veggies and can reduce the amount of sugar necessary. It helps you control blood sugar and lowers the risk of coronary disease. Like most herbs and spices, it adds flavor and nutrition without adding calories.

Caraway seed is often neglected.

Think of holiday cookies with a European background when you think of caraway seed, or maybe some sauerkraut with them added, primarily because they aid digestion. Those are often the most common places you find this seed, but you can also sprinkle it on roasted potatoes, add it to a tomato sauce or mix it in a yogurt dip for flavor. The caraway seed contains lots of nutrients, such as iron, calcium and potassium. Caraway seed also contains antiaging compounds.

Fennel seed has a licorice flavor that does a lot for your body.

If you’ve ever seen a fennel plant in the spring, you’ll love how gorgeous it is with it’s lacy leaves. By the fall, there’s a head of delicious seeds and a bulb under the soil that’s simply yummy. Fresh or dried seeds can be chewed to help settle the stomach, but they have other benefits for those trying to lose weight. The boost your metabolism, help curb your appetite and even help you get a good night’s sleep. Adequate sleep is important for weight loss. Add fennel to salad, soup and even curries.

Who doesn’t love the fiery spice, chili peppers.

You can change almost any dish to a roaring hot delight when you add a few chili peppers to it. The capsaicin in the chili is in the source of the heat and found most prevalent in the white parts on the inside, near the seed. While it has many health benefits, it’s an ace for weight loss by aiding in burning fat, boosting the metabolism and suppressing appetite.

  • Plain unsweetened cocoa not only can turn ordinary hot almond milk into a comfort food, it also can improve your mood and add to the luster of your hair. Mix 100% raw cocoa with chili powder for a meat marinade that is super yummy.
  • Add garlic to almost any dish for extra health benefits. It’s antiviral, antibacterial and an antioxidant. If the odor clings, save those dishes for times you’ll be alone or when your partner is eating it too.
  • You’ll barely notice the flavor of turmeric in your food, but your body will love you for it. It’s an anti-inflammatory that’s been found helpful in reducing the risk of many diseases, including Alzheimer’s.
  • Lemon balm, thyme and oregano are other herbs that add to flavor without adding calories. Each has their own health benefit. For instance, oregano has antibacterial properties plus vitamins and minerals. When sprinkled on tomato slices it boosts their flavor.

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