Walk Your Way To A Longer Life

If you’re like many people that I meet, you may workout three times a week, but circle the parking lot multiple times to find that perfect parking place that’s closest to the doors of your destination. While working out is extremely important, adding other types of exercise to your daily routine is too. You can even walk your way to a longer life. Consider grocery shopping. Do you grab a cart even though you only have a few items? A basket would do just as well and you’d get more weight lifting exercise in for the day. Everything you do throughout the day can make you healthier or unhealthier. Start focusing on the simple things, too.

Choose to walk 10,000 steps a day.

One study covering 2500 subjects in Australia found that going from a couch potato to an active 10,000 steps a day lowered their mortality risk by as much as 40%. Another study was easier on people. It just requested the participant added an additional 3,000 steps a day. In that study, it lowered the risk of dying sooner by 12 percent! The studies were longer ones, spanning over a period of 15 years. Another study showed that walking 150 minutes a week reduced mortality risk by 20 percent, with reductions in specific areas, too. It lowered the risk of dying from respiratory disease by 30 percent, that of cancer by 9 percent.

Boost your heart health with walking.

Cardiovascular health is also boosted by this simple exercise that should be part of everyone’s day, even people who workout regularly. Why? Because it’s one more notch in the belt of staying healthy. It’s a great addition to a workout program. You can use it for those days away from the gym, but it also can be a simple supplement that you can practice every day. Walking can raise the good cholesterol, help shed pounds and promote circulation.

Find ways to add steps to your day.

It might be as simple as getting a pedometer and registering every walk ensure you boost your habit of walking. Rather than catching driving or catching a cab, a brisk walk for a few blocks not only could extend your life, but boost your circulation and help clear your head. I’m a big fan of pedometers. I think they make exercise more fun, but then, I also like to compete against myself to improve on past records and pedometers help me do that with the tracking. If you ride a bus, walk to the next bus stop or get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way. Look for ways to boost your walk and walk as briskly as you can.

  • Walking can help keep you regular, which also helps lower the risk of colon cancer. Increase your intake of water to get the most benefit. You’ll also help your immune system when you walk.
  • Walking can also help you lose weight, particularly when you do it more frequently on a daily basis.
  • Some people are too intimidated and feel they’re too out of shape to come to the gym. While we welcome everyone, especially those who need help getting in shape, walking can be a good preliminary to starting a workout program. It can build your endurance enough to get you ready for more strenuous exercise.
  • Increase your walking daily. Use the stairs rather than the elevator. Take time from your computer and walk for a few minutes. You’ll be more focused when you return. Take every opportunity, within reason, to walk and you’ll find yourself healthier and more fit.

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