Whats Your Take On Winter White?

If you aren’t sure what Winter white is, think warm undertones of gold and brown, rather than the blue or gray undertones of cool summer white colors.winter whites are made of different types of materials, too. The fabric isn’t light and airy, but often heavy fabrics, such as wool knit or corduroy. It doesn’t have that bright white feeling, but is softer and gentler, often closer to wheat or sand tones. If you avoid white at all costs, for fear it will make you look heavier, here’s a way to wear winter white that can complement your figure. The thicker fabric won’t show every lump or bulge either.

Consider white on white for a slimming look.

Whether you’re wearing a pair of winter white cords with a stunning winter white knit top that has a bit darker color or a top with a minimal pattern, that’s mostly white, the solid tones of the two whites won’t necessarily make you look larger, particularly with the muted tones of winter white. Wearing winter white with camel or wheat gives a stylish appearance. I saw a woman with pale camel toned pants, a winter white sweater and a camel suit jacket and the whole appearance was slimming.

Winter white for the top can be quite slimming.

Wearing a winter white top and black pants will draw attention away from a larger backside and bring the focus more toward the upper body. Winter white cable sweaters are perfect with jeans and even olive green pants. It’s the perfect top when you want to hide flaws in your lower half and can brighten your day a bit, because of its sunny undertone.

Don’t worry about the old adage, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.”

This is the best time to live because fashion is so individual. While you will look out of place on the coldest day in a gauzy white shirt, a heavier white fabric is fashionable in the winter. Best of all, you can easily accessorize outfits of varying cream and winter white tones. You can throw on a poncho with a great design or wear a warm pastel jacket or sweater.

  • While you want to look your best and your thinnest, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Winter white can help you do just that when you remember that lighter colors bring the area more forward to the eye and darker colors recess it. If you’re bottom heavy, wear darker pants.
  • Keep it simple with winter white, let the fabric and style say it all.
  • Winter white is simply elegant and great for an evening on the town.
  • You can wear winter white pants and still have it be slimming at the hips. Wear a longer tunic style top or coat of warm pastels or rich deeper tones.

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